WA Government allocates nearly $900k for early childhood
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WA Government awards nearly $900,000 for early childhood programs

by Freya Lucas

June 20, 2024

The West Australian Government has awarded a total of $889,686 to improve early childhood outcomes through programs tailored to the needs of individual communities.


The almost $900,000 in funding has been provided to local government authorities (LGAs) to deliver initiatives designed to improve the wellbeing and school readiness of children aged up to five years.


Twelve LGAs will receive the funding, which is provided through the Local Government Australian Early Development Census (AEDC) Grant Program.


LGAs will work in partnership with families, Early Years Networks, Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisations, schools, Early Childhood Education and Care providers, playgroups, and other locally based Government and non-Government organisations to address the developmental needs of young children.


The successful grant recipients will deliver a range of projects which include:


  • development of Early Years Action Plans;
  • delivery of targeted literacy programs and educational programs focused on the AEDC;
  • employment of Early Years Coordinators;
  • development and expansion of Early Years Networks; and
  • delivery of programs specifically targeted at Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children.


“Access to quality childhood and care services play an important role in regional economies, enabling parents to return to work and supporting the operation of regional businesses,” Early Childhood Education Minister Sabine Winton said.


The AEDC provides vital information which supports local governments to shape early childhood initiatives and policies in their community, giving a whole-of-population measure of children’s development across five domains and assists Western Australian communities to understand how their young children are developing.


The sixth national data collection for the AEDC is currently underway in schools. 


The Local Government Australian Early Development Census Grants Program is funded by the Commonwealth Government and in partnership with the Western Australian Government and the Western Australian Local Government Association.


Further information on grant recipients can be found by visiting Local Government Australian Early Development Census (AEDC) Grants Program.

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