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Victoria extends quality lead with 94% of services rated meeting or exceeding the NQS

Victoria has increased the percentage of services rated as meeting or exceeding the National Quality Standard to 94 per cent, the highest amongst all states and territories across Australia the latest NQF Snapshot shows.

2024-05-28 08:27:17

by Jason Roberts

The approved learning frameworks change in 2024 - are you ready?

The revised versions of Australia’s approved learning frameworks - the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF V2.0) and My Time, Our Place (MTOP V2.0) must be used in early childhood education and care (ECEC) services from 1 February 2024.

2023-12-19 07:57:38

by Freya Lucas

NQF annual performance report - 2023

Challenges in achieving Exceeding ratings and other key trends highlighted in 2023 NQF Annual Report

The Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority has released its NQF Annual Performance Report, commenting on the state of the Australian early childhood education and care sector in 2023.

2023-12-12 15:11:49

by Jason Roberts

NQF snapshot Q3 2023 - quality

A&R re-assessment rating improvements jump higher says latest NQF Snapshot

A total of 192 early childhood education and care services received an improved quality rating when re-assessed, and overall quality levels across the ECEC sector reached a new high, the latest Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority’s quarterly NQF Snapshot has revealed.

2023-11-14 11:21:51

by Jason Roberts

Record keeping in NQF and regs

The importance of effective record keeping to meet National Laws and Regulations

Solid record keeping practices are essential to maintain ongoing compliance with the National Law and National Regulations.

2023-10-17 08:26:13

by Freya Lucas

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