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COVID-19 caused a cascading effect of economic stress in many families

Economic insecurity as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic caused a cascading effect of connected problems for some families, researchers from Ohio State University have found, making links to higher levels of depressive symptoms for parents, which was then associated with poorer relationship quality for the couples, and poorer mental health outcomes for their children.

2024-05-31 09:08:46

by Freya Lucas

Lismore director reflects on changes to children’s lives from fire, flood and pandemic

Sonya McPherson, Director of the East Lismore Community Preschool has contributed to a piece for local news source The Lismore App, reflecting on the experiences of children in the besieged New South Wales community, who have endured bushfires, a global pandemic and the 2022 flooding emergency in recent times, having an impact on their development.

2024-05-28 09:29:45

by Freya Lucas

Pandemic led to some developmental milestone delays in infants and toddlers

While infants and toddlers five years of age or younger experienced some delays to developmental milestones due to COVID-19 pandemic disruptions and restrictions, these delays are typically modest, a study led by Johns Hopkins Children’s Center has found.

2024-05-03 11:19:51

by Freya Lucas

Krissie used the COVID-19 pandemic to reposition to a career in ECEC

As was the story for many, the COVID-19 pandemic pushed Krissie Emaden from her long held career as a flight attendant into a whole new world - in her case working with children in early childhood education and care (ECEC).

2024-03-21 07:28:35

by Freya Lucas

The pandemic limited children’s ability to socialise: here’s how to encourage your child’s friendships

As many parents and teachers know, friendships can be the most important thing in the world to children and young people. And this is for good reason. Friendships are integral to children’s healthy development and learning.

2023-12-27 00:26:19

by Freya Lucas

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