Latest Events

February 20 - May 13

Munch & Move Healthy Eating and Active Play Conferences 2019-2020

There will be 15 conferences held in rural, regional and metro NSW in 2019 and 2020. They will be open to early childhood education and care (ECEC) services in NSW, already trained in the Munch & Move program.

June 20

The Quality Improvement Planning (QIP) Conference Brisbane

Under the National Quality Framework, a Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) is required to be in place for every service. A QIP should help to assess a services performance in delivering quality education and care and to plan for future improvements.

June 20 - 21

Through My Eyes Training: Working with children who experience homelessness…

This interactive training will explore how homelessness and family violence impacts on children and young people and provide solutions for workers.

June 24

Learn, Explore, Debate: Guiding children’s behaviour

An evening with child psychologist Dr Louise Porter to learn, explore and debate the role of early learning teachers in supporting children’s behaviour.

June 24 - 25

Building Inclusion:The Pyramid Model in Action

This training is designed for educational leaders and consultants (early childhood intervention professionals, preschool field officers, therapists, inclusion support officers) to assist them in promoting the inclusion of children with behavioural challenges into early years services and the community.

June 28 - 29

The Queensland Early Education and Care Conference

Workshops and seminars focused on the latest research and trends presented by Australian and international experts across the sector.