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ChildcareCRM shares best practice on tour conversion as lockdowns end and enquiries pick up

As both New South Wales and Victoria emerge from lockdown and parents turn their attention to 2022 early childhood education and care services across Australia are expecting an increase in enquiries and tours from prospective families.

18 hours

by Jason Roberts

OWNA emphasises enrolment support features as essential to seamless family onboarding

OWNA, the all-in-one child care management software provider, has re-emphasised the importance of having a suite of integrated enrolment tools and resources to guarantee an effortless enquiry process for families and a seamless workflow experience for services ahead of what the team anticipate will be a busy end to 2021.

2 days

by Jason Roberts

Ento’s VaxTrack feature catches on with providers adopting software amidst vaccination push

Ento, the workforce management software specialists best known for their demand-driven, AI-led rostering solutions have recently launched a new vaccination tracking feature that enables approved providers and service managers to easily track vaccine rates and documentation for their workforce.

1 week

by Jason Roberts

New ECEC loyalty program could be the secret ingredient to retaining enrolled families

With so many families familiar with the concept of rewards programs, it makes sense that this popular initiative could find a space in the early childhood education and care (ECEC) sector. After all, families are spending large portions of their income securing optimal education and care experiences for their children… What if there was a way to ensure that they were rewarded for their choices?

1 week

by Freya Lucas

Unpacking an alternative to insurance in an ECEC context - a community driven approach

Our Ark Mutual, a recently launched not for profit organisation that provides the early childhood education and care (ECEC) community with risk protection (an alternative to insurance) at fair prices with few exclusions and no excess continues to broaden its customer base across the sector.

2 weeks

by Jason Roberts

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