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Opportunities abound with exclusive scholarships from Women & Leadership Australia

Many early childhood education and care (ECEC) professionals have ambitions of elevating their careers by moving into positions of leadership, and with workforce constraints increasingly prevalent in the sector, savvy approved providers are increasingly committed to solid leadership development pipelines.

2024-07-16 09:06:29

by Freya Lucas

OWNA’s child safety credentials boosted as new feature aligns with Model Code for Images

OWNA, the award winning childcare management software provider, has released a new set of feature enhancements that make it easier for approved providers to control more effectively access to areas of their app that may contain images or videos of children.

2024-07-09 13:03:46

by Jason Roberts

Let’s Count is free and more accessible

The Smith Family’s popular Let’s Count program has recently undergone a review to ensure the program is meeting not only the needs of the children it benefits, but also the educators delivering the program.

2024-07-02 09:07:55

by Freya Lucas

Three-Year-Old Kindergarten ahead of schedule to meet 2029 targets

Victoria’s Three-Year-Old Kindergarten roll-out is on track to meet its 2029 target early, with four out of five kindergarten services already delivering a full 15 hours of play-based learning each week.

2024-06-25 18:31:52

by Freya Lucas

Building an understanding of gender equality early: hey dee ho’s story

The early years are a critical time when gender roles and stereotypical notions of what it means to be ‘masculine’ or ‘feminine’ are shaped, and when positive influences on children’s and families’ understanding of gender norms can most easily be achieved.

2024-06-18 00:13:17

by Freya Lucas

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