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Victims of serious child abuse need help before school to be developmentally on track

The youngest victims of serious child abuse or neglect need support prior to school commencement so that they can be as close to developmentally on track as possible, new research from the University of South Australia has found.

2024-06-14 09:08:09

by Freya Lucas

What will a robot make of your résumé? The bias problem with using AI in job recruitment

The artificial intelligence (AI) revolution has begun, spreading to almost every facet of people’s professional and personal lives – including job recruitment.

2024-06-14 08:47:17

by Contributed Content

Tweddle advocates for baby and toddler voices to Speak as Loud as Actions

Victorian Early Parenting Centre Tweddle has produced a comprehensive position paper on the importance of the voices of babies and toddlers being represented in the state’s Child Safe Standards.

2024-06-13 09:25:14

by Freya Lucas

Key differences in brain development between autistic boys and girls

A new study has found widespread differences in brain development between autistic boys and girls aged between 2 and 13 years of age.

2024-06-13 08:59:39

by Freya Lucas

Three-quarters of Australian workers think now is a good time to change jobs. This is what managers can do better to keep them

Australian workers are more likely than those elsewhere to be planning to change jobs, with 74% reporting now is a good time to look for a new position, compared to 52% globally.

2024-06-13 08:17:48

by Contributed Content

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