Nido Early School Beeliar Village rated as Exceeding in all 7 areas
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Nido Early School Beeliar Village rated as Exceeding in all 7 areas

by Freya Lucas

December 13, 2023

Nido Early School Beeliar Village has been rated as Exceeding the National Quality Standard  in all seven Quality Areas. 


One notable aspect of Nido Early School Beeliar Village’s success is its emphasis on smooth transitions between classrooms. Assessors noted the effort made by the team to ensure that children are already familiar with educators and fellow students in the new environment, and the care that the early school puts in to ease the process of moving between classrooms. 


Family input is prized by the Beeliar Village team, which is led by Executive Service Manager Mel Gereke, who said that the teams capacity to reflect on practice in a variety of ways and to incorporate the feedback from families into the service was a core element of the recent exceeding result. 


“Being able to evidence that for the assessors, and for them to see the embedded practices based on those reflections, was a key part of achieving exceeding in all seven areas,” she said. 


For Curriculum Leader Tulani Sullivan, the Assessment and Rating experience was a really positive one. 


“Our team reflected prior to the visit that we were just going to be open and share our early school’s journey with pride, just as we do, each and every day. Our approach really paid off as the assessors were able to observe all our embedded practices, the sense of belonging of the children and long-standing team of Educators, the reflective ways we collaborate for change together with the children, educators, and our community, and also the enriching and warming environment that supports us all and helps bring it all together!” 


The 62-place Beeliar Village is now in its eighth year of providing early learning education services, and has a staff team of 25, with a significant number of long-standing educators. 


This continuity in staff, Ms Gereke said, contributes to the establishment of a cohesive and experienced group that provides a consistent and reliable learning environment. Families have returned with second and third children, spanning nearly the entire duration of the school’s eight-year existence, reflecting the deep trust and satisfaction in the educational experience offered. 


This allows the dedicated team to form meaningful bonds with every individual within the school community. 


For Nido Early School People and Quality Leader Kareen Cox, the result is “an absolute achievement and one to be so proud of. For some, this was their first assessment and rating process. The team embraced this journey, they stayed true to themselves and delivered as they do every other day. As soon as the visit was done, even before the results were in, the team were on cloud nine and have not come down since.” 


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