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OWNA launches OWNA HQ - the new software standard for larger multi-site providers

OWNA, the award winning childcare management software provider, has launched its next generation enterprise platform to support owners and operators overseeing multi-site early childhood education and care centre networks.

2024-06-03 15:09:22

by Jason Roberts

Kidsoft Konnect

Kidsoft Elevates Childcare Management with Konnect: A Testament to Innovation

In a significant move signalling their commitment to innovation, leading childcare software platform Kidsoft has officially launched Konnect, a new suite of solutions designed to extend key functionality into the classroom environment.

2024-03-19 07:48:43

by Jason Roberts

Xplor Education

Early childhood education and care is not babysitting — and never will be

Educators across Australia have certainly enjoyed a period of more elevated recognition in recent months and years. But the true extent of just how vital the educator profession is to children, the community and society at large is still vastly under-appreciated.

2024-03-12 07:23:08

by Jason Roberts

Kangarootime Australia to be acquired by Kidsoft

Kangarootime Australia to be acquired by Kidsoft owner in strategic deal

Juice Technologies, the owner of well known childcare management system Kidsoft, has confirmed that it has acquired the Australian operations of Kangarootime in a move that will cement their already sizable presence in the Australian market.

2024-02-02 11:23:48

by Jason Roberts

AU Benchmark Report

LineLeader's 2024 Benchmark report surveys nearly 5,000 ECEC professionals to yield best practice insights

LineLeader, the leading childcare lead management software provider, has published its 10th annual benchmark report detailing key insights gathered from a survey of nearly 5,000 early childhood education and care professionals and the analysis of data received from its more than 63,000 monthly users across 6,000+ early learning centres world wide.

2024-01-15 12:53:46

by Jason Roberts

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