Merrissa Hall takes on quality leadership role for Nido Early School
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Merrissa Hall takes on Vic People and Quality role for Nido Early School

by Freya Lucas

November 30, 2023

Merrissa Hall is Nido Early School’s newest People & Quality Leader in Victoria, a position she has developed into since commencing in her role as an Assistant Educator eight years ago. 


Ms Hall is described as being a positive, passionate and inspirational leader who has shown remarkable professional growth during her time with the provider. 


The People & Quality Leader role is similar to that of an Area Manager, and Ms Hall will spend her working days championing exceeding quality practice and continuous improvement in the early schools with which she works. 


She will lead and coach teams for compliance, quality practice and improved financial outcomes, as well as supporting them to report on financial, operational, quality, and compliance KPIs. 


The provision of this support will be especially important during the Assessment and Rating process, and Ms Hall will also be responsible for ensuring full compliance reporting on incidents and developing strategies to prevent and minimise harm. 


Ms Hall has been with Nido Early School since 2015, when she commenced as an Assistant Educator with Nido Waurn Ponds, before stepping into the Lead Educator role.

From this experience, she progressed to an Educational Leader, supporting other Lead Educators in their programming and practices before commencing in an early school leadership role to cover a period of parental leave. 


Excelling in this space, she was soon offered the opportunity to take on a leadership role at a service which was transitioning into the Nido Early School brand. 


Not content with simply leading and supporting one service, Ms Hall volunteered to support Nido Wyndham Vale through some challenges, and when the opportunity came up to take on leadership of the Early School long term, she “took this on with enthusiasm and expertise,” a spokesperson for the provider said. 


“Merrissa and the team transformed this service to excel in all areas of care and quality. The team was supported, empowered, and encouraged. Whilst leading Nido Wyndham Vale, Merrisa supported Nido Werribee and then put her hand up to take on the leadership role at this Early School.”


“Merrissa is a dedicated, hardworking individual, who is not afraid to take on any challenge. I have appreciated the time spent with Merrissa over the years, working closely with her on some high priority projects and know she will continue to offer so much support, advice, and expertise in our services, supporting all to rise.”


Speaking about her appointment, Ms Hall said she is honoured to take on the People & Quality Leader role. 


“As someone who has been in the sector for many years, I understand the importance of building strong connections with both colleagues and the wider community,” she said. 


“I believe that trust and respect are the foundation of successful leadership, and I am committed to embodying these values in all my interactions. Through my work with Nido, I have had the privilege of witnessing firsthand the incredible impact that dedicated and passionate individuals can have on their communities.” 


“I am excited to continue this work and to use my experience to help others achieve their own goals and ambitions. Whether through mentoring, coaching, or simply leading by example, I am committed to doing everything in my power to support and inspire the next generation of leaders in our sector. Together, I believe that we can build a brighter, more inclusive future for everyone”


Learn more about Nido Early School here.  

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