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Niño Early Learning Adventures (ELA) Point Cook named as Exceeding the NQS

by Freya Lucas

August 31, 2023

Niño Early Learning Adventures (ELA) Point Cook has been announced as Exceeding the National Quality Standard following a recent assessment and rating visit.


“Being rated Exceeding on a national level in Australian children’s education and care is a wonderful achievement and a true testament to the dedication and passion of our Niño ELA Point Cook service, which is driven by the Niño ELA philosophy of having a strong focus on supporting children to flourish in their environments”, said Company Manager Melinda Ackerman.


A significant highlight for the team was the authorised officer’s acknowledgement of the collaboration between all educators, having established a reflective culture, noting that educators “draw on the personal qualities, skills and talents of each other to support with the implementation of the educational program and to enhance the relationships between the service and families.”


For Niño ELA Point Cook Centre Manager Fiona Kennett, this visit was an opportunity to showcase the strengths of the service, which include an overarching philosophy of  “encouraging the children in our communities to be brave, creative, resilient and kind”. 


From this foundation, each individual room developed their own philosophy, she explained.


“Our service’s philosophy is embedded in our daily practice. Educators provide quality education to children incorporating physical, intellectual, emotional, social and holistic development opportunities and respect for the uniqueness and diversity of each child.”


“Our team, like our children and families, continues to flourish and we are extremely proud of them”, she continued. “The strong sense of advocacy and high regard for the children and families is truly exceptional.”


“For example, bilingual educators who use their talents to support families to feel comfortable to share information in their home-languages are going above and beyond the call of providing basic care. The team is very passionate about what they do”.


The assessment of Niño ELA Point Cook also highlighted the leadership team‘s commitment to focusing on ways to best support each individual educator in their practice and implementing the Niño ELA curriculum. Under Niño ELA’s ‘Positive Education’ learning framework, educators work cohesively to identify areas of strength to inform the learning experiences developed for the children.


“Our team utilises the expertise and networks made available to them to enhance the experiences of children and families within our service,” Ms Kennett noted. “For example, our service has access to Niño ELA’s in-house Infant Specialist (Nicole Atcheson) who supports new parents with parenting and sleep and rest specialist knowledge.”


Other points of note during the visit included educators and staff demonstrating warm, respectful relationships with the children, and encouraging children’s active engagement in the learning program, as well as the educator’s previous work experience and qualifications being utilised to support across service operations including the skills of a team members event coordination planning in organising and implementing service celebrations, incursions and excursions.


“We are very proud of our Niño ELA Point Cook service and the support of our Senior Operations Team for their commitment, contribution and collective effort in providing a positive early learning experience to children, families and the local community,” Ms Ackerman said.


Learn more about Niño ELA Point Cook here.

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