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Niño Early Learning Adventures launches thank you campaign for staff

by Freya Lucas

July 24, 2023

Early childhood education and care (ECEC) provider Niño Early Learning Adventures (Niño ELA) is running a thank you campaign for its early learning educators, managers, teachers, chefs and support teams from 24-28 July 2023.


The campaign serves as an opportunity for the provider to collectively express its gratitude and celebrate its teams’ contributions in the early learning and care sector, and to encourage the wider community to join them in expressing the gratitude.


“Our early learning teams play a vital role in nurturing and guiding children during their formative years,” said Company Manager Melinda Ackerman.


“Their tireless efforts in providing a safe, nurturing, engaging and educational environment enables young learners to explore their potential, build essential skills and foster a lifelong love for learning.” 


“From babies to kindergarten children, our early learning teams create a solid foundation upon which children build their future successes.”


Throughout the challenges of the pandemic and the subsequent workforce shortages being faced in ECEC, she continued, Niño ELA centre teams have “exemplified resilience, adaptability and creativity”. 

“Their ability to navigate uncertain times and maintain the wellbeing and continued quality education and care of their children has been truly commendable.


“We extend our deepest gratitude to these inspiring individuals for their unwavering passion, enthusiasm and commitment to early childhood education.”


During the campaign, Niño ELA will honour and celebrate staff members, encouraging parents and the broader community to join in through simple gestures like thanking an educator, acknowledging their positive impact on their child’s life, or supporting local early learning institutions.


The campaign coincides with Early Learning Matters Week from 24-28 July, which aims to recognise and raise the profile of early childhood education and care in children’s development and wellbeing in Australia.


More information about Niño ELA is available here.

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