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Act of kindness inspires Niño Early Learning Adventure to fundraise for the homeless

by Freya Lucas

August 11, 2023

Cooper is a young learner at Niño Early Learning Adventure (Niño ELA) in Point Cook who has been the inspiration for a whole-service approach to kindness, community connection and fundraising. 


Niño ELA, inspired by Cooper, is running the Cooper Kindness Project which is collecting donations for the Featherbrook Community Centre during Homelessness Week (7-13 August). 


Five-year-old Cooper introduced children and educators at his service to the issue of homelessness after visiting a local supermarket with his Mum and sister on the way. While walking into the supermarket, he saw a man sitting on the ground outside, with a container in front of him, soliciting donations. 


When they were inside the supermarket, Cooper asked his mother about the man, and she explained that many people struggle for money, leaving them unable to purchase food and other necessities. 


“He might be collecting money from kind people so that he can come in (to the supermarket) and buy something to eat.”


Cooper then asked if they could buy the man something to eat, choosing bananas and apples. Once the shop was finished, Cooper walked up to the man, and handed him the fruit, receiving a smile, a thumbs up, and a “you made my day!” from the man in return. 


Walking back to the car, Cooper was pleased with his kindness, sharing his story with educators and the other children when in care the next day, where the team acknowledged that this little act of kindness could be expanded to a bigger act of kindness “from all our little niños”.


“Cooper’s empathy and willingness to help serve as an example for everyone around him,” a Niño ELA representative said.


“The project also emphasises the importance of community involvement and working together to make a positive impact. It teaches children and adults alike the value of empathy, generosity and compassion.”

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