New suite of high-quality data reports gives ChildcareCRM users competitive edge
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New suite of high-quality data reports gives ChildcareCRM users competitive edge

by Jason Roberts

August 08, 2022

As we enter the seasonally busiest time of the year for the early childhood education and care (ECEC) sector, the team at ChildcareCRM have been working hard to ensure that their user community has the very best resources at their fingertips to stay one step ahead of the competition. 


“At ChildcareCRM, we pride ourselves on going above and beyond what would normally be expected from a modern lead management platform,” ChildcareCRM CEO Matt Amoia said. 


“This is made possible by our willingness to continuously seek to evolve and improve our platforms to support our customers’ needs, but also by the high degree of trust and engagement we have with our user community that ensures we know precisely what we need to do to support them better.”


ChildcareCRM recently released seven additional reports to their CRM+ platform, allowing users to make data-driven decisions based on how families are engaging with their centres. 


These reports pull from existing data within the platform and allow users to create easy-to-read charts and tables that they can then share across the organisation or continue to filter by location, region, date, and much more. 


Providing childcare owners and operators with actionable business insights is just one example of how ChildcareCRM responds to customer needs and draws on the power of its data to better position users.


“We know how challenging the operating environment is right now, so to be able to provide a new array of tools that create a competitive edge is very exciting,” Mr Amoia added. 


Seven additional reports, seven additional sets of actionable insights


The new suite of real time reports includes an additional seven standard reporting templates that touch on a wide range of business areas including marketing, lead progression, sales and finances, namely: 


  • Stalled Families – This report tracks those families that appear to have “stalled” on their enrollment conversion journey, so they don’t fall through the cracks.


  • Lost Opportunities – This report reveals the last status a guardian or child was in prior to being moved to a lost opportunity classification.  


  • Wait List – This report has been designed to help directors manage their wait lists through a visual representation of expected start date and birthdate ranges of children on their waitlist. 


  • Marketing Campaign Analysis – This report helps gauge the effectiveness of different marketing campaigns.


  • Trend Tracking – This report allows you to identify patterns in your families’ enrolment journeys by time period.


  • Conversion Timing – This report reveals how long it takes guardians/children to move from a starting status that you pick to an ending status that you pick.  


  • Estimated Revenue – This report allows you to estimate revenue for forecasting purposes, with weekly, monthly, annual and lifetime values being shown.


Each new report will be accessible through the CRM+ platform’s customisable dashboard and will benefit from its fresh and easy to use interface and navigation system.


Use cases for reports specifically crafted to support business decisions


With extensive experience in the ECEC sector, the ChildcareCRM team is very aware of the importance of developing features that support their users to make better business decisions.


“Each of these reports has a very specific use case that supports centre owners and leaders in their tactical and strategic decision-making processes,” Mr Amoia said.


“For example, reviewing our Lost Opportunity report is a really good way to see precisely where families are dropping out of your enrollment pipeline and becoming disengaged with a centre. If a lot of leads are moving from tour completion to lost opportunity, it could mean that some work is needed to make tours more appealing to prospective parents.”


Likewise, the Marketing Campaign Analysis is a handy tool for services to use in determining just how effective marketing campaigns are at generating leads and also the quality of incoming leads they are receiving.


“If most of a centre’s Facebook leads aren’t converting, the team may want to consider spending money and efforts on a different advertising channel that will drive better results for their business,” Mr Amoia explained.


“At the end of the day, ChildcareCRM is much more than just a lead management platform. Our commitment to our user’s business success is plain to see; and we are thrilled to be able to provide these additional tools to help them succeed.”


To learn more about CRM+ reports, visit the website

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