ChildcareCRM showcases workflow automation smarts in CRM+
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ChildcareCRM showcases workflow automation smarts in new CRM+ product

by Jason Roberts

June 29, 2021

In the wake of the recent launch of ChildcareCRM’s next generation customer relationship management platform, CRM+, feedback from customers, including both enterprise and independent providers, has been strong with workflow automations resonating particularly strongly across the board. 


“In the childcare sector, responsiveness determines which centre a family chooses,” ChildcareCRM CEO, Matt Amoia said. 


“It’s the everyday busyness of running a childcare center that gets in the way of responding to leads immediately and scheduling tours quickly.” 


“We have built CRM+ with these challenges in mind; adding new features including home screen dashboards, more automations, custom reporting, and integration simplicity.”


Of particular note, he continued, is a new suite of workflow automations which is “incredibly comprehensive and saves operators and managers significant amounts of time when it comes to communicating with enquiring families and designing hands free marketing campaigns.”


What is workflow automation and why is it so popular?


The term workflow automation describes the end result of converting a string of tasks that would have historically been conducted manually into a series of automatic actions that are designed to save time and efficiency for service leaders and marketing teams using CRM systems. 


At the heart of the workflow automation are a set of “business rules” which are pre-programmed into the system so as to help it understand what actions need to be taken at what point in time. 


The net result is a system that automatically attends to a range of tasks without any manual processing which in turn creates more time for team members to focus their efforts on other higher value aspects of their role, such as supporting educators, children and families.


And how about in an ECEC context, how does CRM+’s automations help?


CRM+’s workflow automations are focused on improving the efficiency and effectiveness of managing a prospective family’s enrollment journey and ensuring that the entire process is as easy as possible. 


A key use case is for business rules to be set up to automate email follow ups with parents at each stage in the enrollment journey so they remain engaged. 


For example, a business rule could be created that will send an email to a prospective parent two days after their initial enquiry, another rule to send an email when they schedule a tour, a follow-up email one day after their tour has been completed, and a touch base email ten days after their tour was completed to gauge their interest in enrolling.


By setting up the business rules and automation in advance it ensures that each and every lead that is received is processed in a consistent and timely manner which maximises conversion probabilities of the families and their children. 


Are there any other automated features in CRM+?


Yes, there are. 


CRM+’s use of business rules to improve the efficiency of processes is a foundationary piece of the system but there are a number of other useful automated tools built into the platform including some of the following:


    • Automated email and text templates that have drag and drop functionality that speeds up the creation of parent communications dramatically. There are also useful tracking capabilities as well-meaning a service leader can see who opens, responds and clicks on the emails.
    • Drip marketing campaigns are preprogrammed to respond to the behaviour of the recipient so that if an email is not opened or responded to after a set period of time a new text message will be sent giving them a nudge to engage. 


  • Campaign tracking tools include lead source tracking which enables a service manager to identify where a lead originated on the web, like for example Google or Facebook, and UTM campaigns which enable tracking of anyone who clicks on an ad.



“A real strength of CRM+ is its harnessing of the latest in digital technologies available. Whether it be process automation or lead tracking, it has it all and judging by the feedback we are receiving from our customers we have definitely hit the mark.” Mr Amoia said. 

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