ChildcareCRM supports providers to “capture leads from anywhere” via unique feature configurations
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ChildcareCRM supports providers to “capture leads from anywhere” via unique feature configurations

by Jason Roberts

May 31, 2022

As life continues to slowly get back to normal after the COVID-19 created challenges of last year, ChildcareCRM, the early childhood education and care (ECEC) sector’s leading CRM solution provider, has been actively supporting providers to “capture leads from anywhere” through a range of innovative and carefully configured features. 


“We have seen a steady increase in lead generation and nurturing activities across our user community in the last several months,” ChildcareCRM CEO Matt Amoia said.  


“Our sense is that although some challenges remain, the sector is returning to more of a ‘business as usual’ environment.”  


“To support childcare providers in their efforts to re-grow their businesses, we have launched several new features which, when used in tandem, will allow CRM users to capture leads from anywhere without lifting a finger. We want to ensure that operators of any size can capture, follow up with and enrol family leads with less work.”


ChildcareCRM has consistently sought to position its platform as a must have for ECEC services looking to maximise tour and enrolment conversion, and in turn occupancy, by providing easy to use, frequently updated tools built into its sector leading CRM solution. 


Capture and follow up with leads across the channels that matter most


Considering that most of today’s parents of young children in care are millennials, most ECEC providers are well versed in the importance of making inquiry digital and convenient. It is also essential that parents have options to self-serve when looking for childcare services online, helping operators to save time in their daily schedules.


ChildcareCRM provides strong support in this area by providing unlimited landing pages and web forms that capture the key information needed to personalise follow up communications with families and enrol them for care. 


But ChildcareCRM’s “Capture leads from Anywhere” commitment extends beyond just websites with a range of integrations that enable lead gathering through other vital channels, such as Facebook Messenger, Facebook Lead Ads, phone calls, and childcare listing directories.


ChildcareCRM’s integration with Facebook helps users to capture more families who are interested in enrolling at their centre. Parents’ names or contact information flows directly into ChildcareCRM for automated, immediate follow-up.


In addition, the telephony feature provides a dedicated phone line to centres, allowing them to text back and forth with families and record both inbound and outbound phone calls and voicemails. These recordings are then stored on the family record for review and follow up; and can even assist in training new staff.


Finally, in the event a parent enquires for care on a childcare listing directory, such as Care for Kids or Toddle, their information automatically enters ChildcareCRM, creating a ‘Pending Lead’ to be followed up with.


“As the leading CRM provider for the ECEC sector, we’ve worked hard to stay one step ahead of enquiring parents’ needs,” Mr Amoia said. 


“By integrating with social media and marketplace platforms, as well as the more traditional telephone and web channels, we can confidently say that we are now covering all bases.” 


ChildcareCRM continues to innovate and help providers save time


Having consistently invested in innovating across its platforms, ChildcareCRM continues to update and evolve its product road map to ensure customers’ future needs are met. 


One area of near term focus is the pending release of ChildcareCRM’s updated Location Dashboard. Within the application itself, users will see a new screen that consolidates all daily tasks and important information into one place so they can quickly cross items off their to-do list.


“We are excited to be on the verge of releasing our new Location Dashboard,” Mr Amoia said. 


“Users will be able to complete more tasks with fewer clicks in the new dashboard. Given how busy this year is turning out to be for service leaders, we know this will help providers save more time in their day so they can focus on other important tasks in the centre.”


“Looking ahead, we remain committed to delivering the best product experience possible to our user community and are excited about what the rest of the year will bring.”


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