OWNA launches new customisable curriculum programming feature
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OWNA launches new customisable curriculum programming feature

by Jason Roberts

July 26, 2022

OWNA, the all-in-one child care management software (CCMS) provider, has confirmed the launch of a fully customisable curriculum programming feature as it continues its push to provide educators with high quality, modern, flexible and easy to use digital tools to support the delivery of their programs.


“We are very excited to once again be announcing a new feature launch for users of the OWNA platform,” Kheang Ly, Founder and CEO said.


“Our new template directly addresses the challenge that hard coded programming systems  bring and, consistent with our broader ethos of innovation and service delivery excellence, showcases another reason why OWNA remains at the forefront of CCMS platform technology in the early childhood education and care (ECEC) sector.”


“Effective curriculum planning and programming is at the heart of quality early learning,” Kheang continued. 


“By providing a tool that is fully customisable, particularly in the areas of language and terminology, we feel strongly that we will not only be impacting our educators daily activities positively, but the experiences of the children they educate and care for too.”


Consultation process identifies limitations of current curriculum programming solutions 


OWNA conducted a period of extensive consultation with leaders and educators from across its community, as well as well known pedagogy subject matter experts, to enact the changes after it became clear to the team that static single block, weekly or pdf only curriculum programming systems are particularly limiting. 


In addition, feedback around the relevance of particular fields included in templates, restrictions around customising titles and subtitles or insufficient space to adequately capture assessments left many educators frustrated at their inability to truly customise their programming templates to reflect the particular philosophy and practice of their services. 


“We are very fortunate to have an engaged and experienced community of educators using OWNA solutions as well as a strong network across the sector at large, so seeking feedback on how we can continue to evolve and upgrade our system is relatively straightforward,” Kheang said. 


“Thanks to them we are once again in a position to address those many points that are holding people back with a set of templates that are not just easy to use but sufficiently comprehensive to make a real difference.”


Custom programming a welcome addition to the OWNA ecosystem


OWNA’s custom curriculum programming module will round out a period of intense innovation at the group and will complement the Group’s customisable learning documentation feature that was rolled out in December 2021. 


Key features include but are not limited to:


  • Educational leaders and educators can build programs in any shape or form
  • A built in matrix builder allows full customisation
  • All labels, placeholders, text and help text can be customised to the language of choice
  • Fields can be marked as mandatory to ensure key information is always present
  • Programs can be shared across services to ensure consistent program delivery
  • Parent view can be managed through hide or show fields


“Our programming matrix and experience template editor are the key drivers of the functionality and value of our custom templates,” Kheang said. 


“The flexibility inherent in module technologies means that unlike in the past there are now no limitations as to how creative and prescriptive educators want to be in their programming ambitions.”


“That is incredibly exciting to us because of course it feeds through to the children in a high quality early learning delivery, as well as providing educators with an easier pathway to delivering the programs of their choice.”


OWNA’s custom programming templates will be launched on 8 August 2022. 


To see how the new template works, you can access a free 14-day trial of the OWNA platform or access a recent webinar hosted by the team that focuses on the programming template



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