OWNA emphasises enrolment support features as essential
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OWNA emphasises enrolment support features as essential

by Jason Roberts

October 18, 2021

OWNA, the all-in-one child care management software provider, has re-emphasised the importance of having a suite of integrated enrolment tools and resources to guarantee an effortless enquiry process for families and a seamless workflow experience for services ahead of what the team anticipate will be a busy end to 2021.  


“We recognise just how crucial the parent experience is when it comes to enquiring with a centre for the first time and the need to make the journey to enrolment as smooth and effortless as possible,” Kheang Ly, Founder and CEO said.


“That is why we have worked so hard to create a suite of easy to use tools that are all fully integrated into the OWNA ecosystem and provide users with the confidence they need to capture, nurture and convert new family leads into enrolments.”


“This will be especially relevant in the coming months as New South Wales, and other states emerge from lockdown and parent enquiries for care in 2022 ramp up.”


How the OWNA enrolment system can help services manage their leads effectively


OWNA’s platform is a true “all in one” offering in the sense that it is one platform with one portal, so all of the features within the OWNA ecosystem are accessible through one login and one centralised dashboard, including those focused on enrolment management. 


The OWNA enrolment system helps in the following key areas:


  • Capturing parent enquiries – OWNA will create a customised enquiry form that is professionally embedded into a services website and is available at the click of a button for families to complete. Once complete, all data within the form is transferred instantly to the OWNA platform where it is available for processing. 


  • Engaging with parents post enquiry – All incoming enquiry information is stored within a customised, easy to use enquiry register that service leaders can then use as a departure point for engaging with families.


  • Scheduling and managing tours – The next key step is to schedule a tour and the OWNA tour register enables quick and easy tour booking and also management. Flexibility is essential at this stage of the journey and the software must reflect that, as OWNA’s does. 


  • Enrolling or waitlisting families – As the last step in the enrolment process offering a place or transitioning to a waitlist are key for families and the OWNA platform caters for both with digital forms and also an integration partnership with communication platform Mailchimp that helps maintain contact with waitlisted families. 


Taken together the OWNA enrolment system is easy to use and effective with a focus on efficient updating of data, effective lead communication and management and a user experience that is consistent with the rest of the OWNA ecosystem. 


OWNA back themselves with “free enrolment, enquiry & waitlist forms” offer 


As part of a broader campaign to introduce the OWNA system to a wider subset the early childhood education and care community, the team have launched a limited time free offer for their enrolment, enquiry & waitlist forms to be made available to any new customers looking to join the OWNA community. 


“We recognise just how important the family experience is when it comes to enquiring with a centre for the first time and we have worked hard to provide the tools necessary to make sure that first impression is a strong one.” Kheang Ly said. 


“This new promotion allows us to showcase these features and provide an opportunity for interested owners and operators to engage with what we believe is the one true all in one platform currently operating in the ECEC space in Australia.”

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