OWNA launches CCS accounts administration service
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OWNA launches CCS accounts administration service

by Jason Roberts

May 06, 2022

OWNA, the all-in-one child care management software provider, has launched a new administration service designed to support centre leaders who find managing Child Care Subsidy (CCS) related tasks either too time consuming or complex. 


Dubbed CCS Accounts Administration, the service will focus on ensuring the full suite of CCS related administration tasks that a centre needs to fulfill correctly to ensure the centre receives the correct subsidy payments each week. 


“Over the course of the last six months we have invested a lot of effort in trying to understand just how much time our users, and the border CCMS user community, spend on their CCS administration each week,” Phong Trac, COO & Co-Founder said. 


“What we found really surprised us. Whilst on average administrators spend around 3 hours per week on CCS, there are significant variations. For example, organisations with dedicated, skilled administration teams can spend less than an hour per week, whereas at the other end of the spectrum some users are spending as much as 15 hours per week on the tasks.”


“These are large numbers and sent a strong signal to us that we could serve our user community that bit better by offering an outsourced service that relieves them completely of CCS administration all together.”


What is OWNA CCS Accounts Administration and what areas can it support?


The OWNA CCS accounts administration service aims to provide centre leaders who are too time poor or find it difficult to master the processes that are required to complete the array of tasks needed to fulfill CCS obligations each week. 


“With a growing customer base, we are getting better and better insights into the broad range of users’ skill sets when it comes to CCS across our network,” Phong said. 


“For those users who are not interested in shouldering the burden of CCS administration any longer this new service is an excellent fit and priced at $79 per week is certainly great value.”


The key areas that CCS Accounts Administration will help with are:


  • OWNA can create family accounts directly from enrolment forms
  • OWNA can create CCS enrolments and link this to the financial accounts
  • OWNA will submit a service’s sessions on behalf of the provider
  • OWNA will support your service to receive the correct CCS payments
  • OWNA will manage invoices and payments for families on behalf of the service
  • OWNA will manage the process of closing family accounts at your service


“The range of services included in this initiative is certainly very broad, and will go a long way to relieving the pressure on centre leaders who need comprehensive support in these areas,” Phong added. 


New services extends on OWNA’s Complete Guide to CCS professional learning course


The CCS Accounts Administration service launch has come relatively close to the early childhood education and care (ECEC) sector’s first professional learning course dedicated to the Child Care Subsidy. 


The Complete Guide to CCS 2022 is designed for directors and approved providers who want to ensure they are completely up to date with the subsidy’s requirements and their responsibilities and obligations when it comes to the Child Care Subsidy.


“Our first of its kind of course has pooled all of our collective experience and knowledge on this core area of service management into a set of seven intuitive and practical modules,” Phong said. 


“We are doing our very best to ensure that our users have choices when it comes to CCS administration.”


“For any of our community who are not across the nuances of the subsidy our course is an excellent place to start the journey to upskilling but for those who are too time poor, or just not interested, then our CCS Administration Service is a natural next step.”


“It is in our DNA to do whatever we can to help and these types of initiatives are testament to how we are innovating not just at the product level but the service level too.”

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