KindiCare continues pace of rapid innovation, launches real time price benchmarking tool for providers
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KindiCare continues pace of rapid innovation, launches real time price benchmarking tool for providers

by Jason Roberts

July 11, 2022

Childcare search and comparison platform KindiCare has launched a new benchmarking tool that allows early learning providers the ability to compare real time prices of other services in their catchments and in turn support better decision making around fee setting and new market entry. 


The KindiCare Insights Module, which was designed in consultation with child care operators, is the latest innovation from KindiCare as it continues to deliver on its commitment to simplify the early learning search journey for providers as well as parents.


KindiCare Founder and CEO Benjamin Balk said providers were often making critical business decisions based on inaccurate or out of date data and wasting precious time and resources in the process.


“The big challenge for providers is that available early learning service fee information available in the public realm is often not inaccurate, including those found on government websites,” Mr Balk said. 


“In many cases the process for gathering data on the competitive landscape at a local market level involves providers ringing around competitors to get their pricing and then evaluating the information via spreadsheets.” 


“Now at the touch of a button a provider can have accurate real time competitive benchmarking insights and be confident that the information is accurate.”


The KindiCare Insights Module leverages off KindiCare’s substantial market reach with over 90 per cent coverage of real time, accurate pricing from providers across Australia via its search and compare platform and existing Insights Module user base. 


“Given our rapid growth in users and our strong technological expertise, KindiCare is the only search and compare platform to be in a position to deliver insights of this quality to the child care sector,” Mr Balk said. 


“The KindiCare Insights Module has been built to allow providers to look at any one of their centres nationally, and see pricing and competitors by service type, at a suburb or postcode level as well as within a 1.0km, 2.5km or 5.0km radius of that centre or location.” 


“It provides complete transparency; what prices are being charged, how many approved places exist, which major brands are present, the market size, revenue potential and quality, all delivered through a state of the art web portal.”


The platform will also be a valuable tool for organisations looking to enter new markets as it will enable users to conduct a rapid feasibility assessment of a new location and at the touch of a button. 


The KindiCare Insights Module, is the latest in a string of innovations from the company and comes just after the launch of its KindiCare CRM app  six weeks ago and KindiCare Childcare Comparison website three months ago.  


For more information about KindiCare please visit the website

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