The Sector launches 2022 editions of ECEC Sector, Innovation and CCMS reports series

The Sector launches 2022 editions of ECEC Sector, Innovation and CCMS reports series

by Jason Roberts

April 05, 2022

The Sector has launched the 2022 editions of its three popular reports  that focus on the early childhood education and care (ECEC) sector and its largest providers namely; Innovation in ECEC and Child Care Management Systems (CCMS).


The latest editions also include for the first time a report that is focused on the Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) sector in Australia and also a range of sub reports that are not only cheaper in price but will provide the reader an opportunity to target their specific interest at a subsection of one of the larger reports. 


“We are very pleased to be in a position to launch our 2022 Report Editions,” Jason Roberts, Founder and CEO of The Sector said.  


“Last year was another challenging and complex year for the ECEC sector and we feel it’s important to provide dedicated resources that shed light on important areas of relevance to ECEC professionals that capture key information, developments and trends.” 


“This year we have taken additional steps to make our reports more accessible (and to some degree more targeted) to a broader audience by offering the three main reports but also mini reports as well.”


The Sector’s flagship Early Childhood Education and Care in Australia – Sector Review & Large Provider Snapshots Report is now available in three formats, Mr Roberts explained;


  • the entire report which includes both sector review and large provider snapshots,
  • the sector review portion only or;
  • the large provider snapshots portion only


“This has been extended to the Innovation and CCMS Provider reports too. So now we have more choices for readers to select from as well as up to date information reflecting the new year.”


The Sector Reports 2022 Editions are as follows:


Early Childhood Education and Care in Australia Series


ECEC Sector Review & Large Provider Snapshots Report

ECEC Sector Review Report

ECEC Large Provider Snapshots Report

OSHC Sector Review and Large Provider Snapshots


Innovation in Early Childhood Education and Care


Innovation in ECEC – Comprehensive Survey

Innovation in ECEC Organisations

Innovation in ECEC Design, Environments and Resources

Innovation in ECEC Practice and Pedagogy

Innovation in ECEC Professional Learning


Child Care Management Systems in Australia


CCMS in Australia – A Comprehensive Guide

Choosing a CCMS partner

CCMS Providers and Platforms

The CCMS User Survey 2021


“We hope the sector finds value in these new 2022 editions. ECEC is incredibly dynamic and a yearly refresh is essential to do it justice. We look forward to serving the sector in this important area in the weeks and months ahead,” Mr Roberts concluded. 


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