Ento continues to build momentum as ECEC providers commit to rostering tools
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Ento continues to build momentum as ECEC providers commit to rostering tools

by Jason Roberts

September 07, 2021

Ento, the workforce management software specialists best known for their demand-driven, AI-led rostering solutions which not only ensure ratio compliance but also facilitates tangible efficiency savings, continues to make progress as new customers sign up. 


“It’s been a very busy few months for us all as we welcome new customers to Ento to innovate and develop our sector leading platform,” Ento Founder and CEO Aulay Macaulay said,


“Workforce management is of primary importance to providers right now not just because of the sector’s ongoing regulatory obligations but also because of an increasingly tight labour market that makes securing staff, and therefore building rosters, very difficult.”


“By using our solutions providers have a clearer picture of their workforce needs well in advance which is clearly very useful at this difficult time.”


Happy Feet Early Learning founder sees workforce planning as key attribute of Ento


Natalie Millsteed, founder and CEO of long day care provider Happy Feet Early Learning recently signed up to Ento after being drawn to its rostering capabilities which were a good fit for a business that is continuing to grow and needs more sophisticated tools to manage the workforce.


“We currently have four centres in our group and have recently found it difficult to really manage the workforce effectively. We were finding there were lots of errors in our rostering and we were not able to keep track of our more than 100 team members – there’s only so much you can do on an Excel spreadsheet,” Ms Millsteed said. 


“Now that we have committed to Ento I feel much more comfortable about our ability to fill our rosters early and efficiently as well as store important things like contracts and certificates in digital form.”


Key stand out in transition process is depth of support Ento team have provided 


As part of the onboarding process Ento worked very hard to remain as close as possible to the Happy Feet team and ensure that the transition was as smooth as possible. 


“Adding new software tools to an organisation’s operations is a big deal,” Mr Macaulay said. 


“We understand this, and work hard to ensure planning and training is completed. This is facilitated by our team of weaponised consultants who provide a very ‘high touch’, high quality transition and implementation experience.”


“We take our responsibilities in this space extremely seriously. Our customers must be set up for success from day one and we are committed to delivering on that promise.”


Ms Millsteed echoed this view. “The Ento team have been by our side the whole time,” she said “and we are very excited about using a platform which promises to support us achieve a range of objectives in what is a challenging operating environment.”


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