Xplor teams up with workforce management specialist Ento to bring real time roster automation to ECEC
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Xplor teams up with workforce management specialist Ento to bring real time roster automation to ECEC

by Jason Roberts

May 02, 2021

Leading childcare management software provider Xplor, has confirmed a new partnership with workforce management software specialists Ento that will see a suite of next generation, real time rostering technologies added to the Xplor platform. 


Mark Woodland, founder of Xplor and CEO of Education at Xplor said, “We are proud to announce this new and special partnership between Xplor and Ento.” 


“Ento has a proven track record of harnessing cutting edge technologies to create rostering solutions that not only ensures real time 100 per cent compliance with ratio requirements but also for creating the opportunity for services to generate substantial savings from rostering efficiencies of as much as eight per cent in some cases.”


“By bringing this game changing technology to ECEC, Xplor is once again demonstrating its commitment to innovation and collaboration in all areas.”


Automated real time, demand driven rostering yields savings of between 4% to 8%


At the heart of Ento’s rostering system is a set of bespoke algorithms that, when coupled with historical booking information contained in Xplor, can accurately forecast future labour needs with zero manual intervention and signal when, where and why employees are needed over the course of the day down to 15 minute intervals.


Ento’s AI then turns this data into roster shifts that satisfy a centres’ headcount and regulatory requirements and in so doing drives savings of between four and eight per cent in frontline labour costs.


Speaking on behalf of Ento, Founder and CEO Aulay Macaulay said the partnership would “transform childcare” through the provision of bespoke tools designed to help busy providers reduce the time spent on workforce planning.


“Ento’s demand-driven, AI-led insights also cater for those human touches, such as bias towards consistent shifts, complementing the highly personalised experience Xplor offers childcare services, educators and families, alike,” he added.  


Work started to integrate the new rostering tool with launch date of June in the diary


The Xplor team have commenced the process of integrating Ento’s tool into it’s cloud-based all in one child care management platform, which includes a comprehensive range of features including Child Care Subsidy processing management, immersive parent engagement apps and a bespoke search and compare child care platform. 


“Work has already started on the Ento integration and expect to be able to release it to all of our customers by early June,” Mr Woodland said. 


“There is no doubt this is an exciting time for us and all of our Xplor community and we will look forward to sharing additional exciting product news in the days and weeks ahead.”


To learn more about Xplor please click here. To learn more about Ento please click here

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