Ento breaks new ground with rostering tool driving compliance and profitability outcomes
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Ento breaks new ground with rostering tool driving compliance and profitability outcomes

by Jason Roberts

June 15, 2021

Ento, the workforce management software specialists, continues to push what is possible in the area of rostering technology to drive better outcomes for early childhood education and care (ECEC) providers in the key areas of compliance and profitability. 


The Group, which recently signed a partnership with Xplor Technologies and counts organisations such as Only About Children, Explorers Early Learning and Discovery Early Learning as customers, is fast becoming the go-to roster specialist for a sector where ensuring roster compliance and efficiency is a number one priority. 


Ento, Founder and CEO Aulay Macaulay said, “The last twelve months have seen a strong acceleration in interest for our demand-driven, AI-led solutions across the ECEC space which not only ensures ratio compliance but also facilitates tangible efficiency savings as well.” 


“ECEC is a complex and nuanced sector with the incredible diversity of service types but also with the complex regulatory framework overlaid on top. Given this backdrop it is humbling for us to have been accepted so quickly and we look forward to broadening our partnerships in the months and years ahead.”


Predictive rostering customised for ECEC’s unique landscape at heart of Ento offer


When designing their solution the Ento team recognised that the unique mix of different setting and governance types, regulatory and compliance requirements and efficiency imperatives across the sector meant that rostering practices were incredibly diverse and predominantly manual in nature. 


By applying the latest in machine learning technologies Ento’s solution is able to convert this complex backdrop into four simple steps that result in a roster that as well as being compliant and efficient also caters for individual educator preferences for things like specific shifts or rooms.



Having created the ideal roster, Ento’s intuitive and real time dashboard enables leaders to track compliance and cost as the day unfolds as well as providing insights on a range of other key ECEC metrics. 


Julian Natoli, Head of Finance at Bambini Childcare said “Ento has been geared towards the ECEC sector. Things like ratios, headcounts, costs, costs per booking are important for the sector and Ento is hitting all of these points.”


Ento solution more than just rostering – T&A, HR engagement, onboarding


Although Ento is best known for its cutting edge rostering technology, this is only one component of their broader end to end workforce solution. 


Included on the Ento platform is a customisable onboarding system for new team members which also has qualification capture and management capabilities as well as automated processes such as role changing, promotions, casual rehiring and offboarding.


“Onboarding has been a helpful tool as we have our staff responsible for their own certifications. We get alerts on the rosters for expired qualifications and can notify staff ahead of time,” Ian Harvey, General Manager at Atlantis Childcare said, 


Once onboarded, team members are synced to some of the biggest payroll engines in Australia with maximum efficiency and minimum time.


“It was a huge cost to process payroll and was such a waste of someone’s expertise and experience. Since implementing Ento, we’ve more than doubled our workforce and added five new locations but have managed to significantly reduce our payroll processing time.” Mr Harvey said. 


To learn more about Ento and how they can support your service with rostering and HR solutions click here


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