ACA highlights combustible cladding risks
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ACA highlights combustible cladding risks

by Jason Roberts

August 14, 2019

The Australian Childcare Alliance (ACA) has sent a warning notice to all members warning of the potential danger posed by flammable cladding after a 9News investigation uncovered that a group of public buildings, one of which was an early childhood education and care (ECEC) facility, was found to be wrapped in combustible cladding, a highly flammable material.  


The centre concerned, according to the 9News report, was located in the jurisdiction of Monash City Council who informed the property owner by letter that the inspection “revealed concerns that there is a danger to life, safety or health of any member of the public or persons using the building due to the installation of the combustible expanded polystyrene cladding or linings to external walls.”


The owners were issued with a building notice and given 60 days to respond. 


Combustible cladding is an external building material that has historically been used on external walls of buildings due to it’s relatively lightweight nature and good insulation properties. 


However, it is highly flammable and as such poses a significant hazard risk for buildings that include it in its structure.


The ACA have urged their members to clarify the status of their services with their landlords or architects / building surveyors, so that appropriate remedial action can be taken as soon as possible if necessary. 


For further information on combustible cladding please see the following state based links:


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