3 YO kinder in focus in Vic 2024 budget with further $129m
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3 YO kinder in focus in Vic 2024 budget with further $129m commitment

by Jason Roberts

May 08, 2024
Vic budget 2024

The Victorian Government has handed down its 2024/25 Budget in which three year old kinder received a boost but additional commitments to the early childhood education and care (ECEC) sector were paired back somewhat after several years of substantial increases.


Last year saw total additional commitments amount to $1.8 billion over five years with the majority, around $1.1 billion, allocated to infrastructure initiatives with a focus on kindergarten and pre-prep, whereas this year the commitment has fallen back to around $150 million with the majority being earmarked for three year old kindergarten programs. 


That being said, the overall contribution towards the ECEC sector in recent years has been very material with the current allocations more than likely reflecting a maturation of the policies and initiatives themselves. 


“Our early childhood reforms have opened up more free quality education for thousands of Victorian children – we’re continuing our work to give kids a great start, while saving families thousands of dollars and supporting more parents to return to work or study if they choose,” Minister for Children, Lizzie Blandthorn said. 


The 2024/25 Victorian Budget contains the following key allocations to ECEC:


3 YO kinder initiatives – As the overall Victorian Government’s flagship free kindergarten initiatives start to mature additional funds this year have been targeted only at the three year old kindergarten cohort with $128.6 million allocated for 2024/25. No additional funding has been provided Free Kinder, Pre-Prep and Infrastructure initiatives this year.  


Kindergarten Building Blocks improvement and inclusion grants – $25 million over three years has been allocated to provide for grants to local government and other eligible providers to improve and upgrade early childhood infrastructure. 


Strengthening participation of CALD children in early childhood education – Funding amounting to $9.4 million is provided to continue and extend targeted outreach support for children and families from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds to access and engage in kindergarten.


To access the Budget in full please see here.

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