Cire connects with nature through Bush Kinder program expansion
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Cire connects with nature through Bush Kinder program expansion

by Freya Lucas

April 30, 2024

Cire Early Learning has been offering a Bush Kinder program at its Yarra Junction Centre for over two decades, providing opportunities for children to explore, learn and grow. 


Based on the success of the Yarra Junction Centre program, Cire will expand this program to Chirnside Park, Mt Evelyn, and Pakenham (Hollins) locations, ensuring all families can benefit.


“We’re excited to bring the wonders of nature to more children across all our centres. Especially in suburban areas where these opportunities may be limited,” Diletta Lanciana, Executive Manager, Cire Early Learning said.


Benefits of Bush Kinder


Research has shown that spending time outdoors has numerous benefits for children’s development. From boosting physical health and motor skills to improving emotional wellbeing, the great outdoors offers endless opportunities for growth.


As well as enjoying nature Bush Kinder programs support children to engage in structured learning activities that align with their developmental needs including:


  • Fostering Friendships and Social Skills

One of the many benefits of our Bush Kinder program is the opportunity for children to develop friendships and social skills in a natural setting. Through exploration, play and collaborative activities, children learn how to communicate effectively, resolve conflicts, and work together towards shared goals.


  • Enhanced Physical Development

The great outdoors is a natural gym, offering children an expansive playground to develop their gross motor skills. Running through spaces, balancing on logs, and climbing gentle slopes isn’t just fun; it’s a crucial part of physical development that flips the switch on the serotonin that keeps spirits high.


  • Emotional Wellbeing

The calming sway of trees and the quiet rustle of leaves often whisper the loudest messages of peace and tranquility. The children at Cire Early Learning are privy to this daily discourse, learning patience, empathy, and a sense of place in the world.


  • Learning the Ecosystem

The ecosystem isn’t just biology; it’s a teaching method. Nature abounds with lessons in recycling, life cycles, and stewardship – lessons ingrained through experience rather than taught in a classroom.


  • Building School Readiness

Did you know that uninterrupted play in nature can help prepare children for school? Our Bush Kinder program focuses on building the learning dispositions needed for school readiness, such as curiosity, creativity, and resilience. By nurturing these skills in a natural environment, we set our little learners up for success in their future learning endeavours.


“In a world increasingly screen-bound, reconnecting with nature isn’t just a passing fancy; it’s a responsibility we owe to future generations,” a spokesperson for Cire Early Learning said. 


“Our commitment to nature isn’t an add-on activity—it’s at the core of our philosophy and practice through our renowned Bush Kinder program.”


“The outdoors is unpredictable, and that’s the point. Every unplanned event, from a drizzle of rain to discovering a snail, is an opportunity to build resilience. We don’t shield children from nature; we help them learn to bask in its beauty by respecting their surroundings and adapting to its changes.”


Bush Kinder programs are supported at some of Cire’s services through the provision of $6,000 grants from the Department of Education Victoria for some of the services in its networks.

Learn more about the grants here. Information about Cire is available on its website.

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