Child pricked by needle in Mirrabooka
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Child attending Mirrabooka ECEC service involved in needle prick incident

by Freya Lucas

April 25, 2024

Early childhood education and care (ECEC) services around Australia are being reminded of the importance of conducting thorough yard checks after a three year old girl received a needle stick injury from a syringe found along the fenceline of a long day care (LDC) service. 


The child’s father shared his story with the media saying he was “sick to the stomach” when receiving a call from his daughter’s ECEC service advising him of the incident. 


He was informed that the child had been injured, and that she may have found the needle along the fenceline within her reach. 


Police were called to the service to retrieve the needle, however they were not informed that the child had sustained a needlestick injury. 


The child was taken for an emergency blood test, with follow up testing scheduled for the next 12 weeks to ensure she has not contracted anything as a result of being injured. 


“It’s not a nice feeling; I wouldn’t wish it on anyone,” her father said.


It is unclear at this time if the incident has been reported to the Department of Communities, the regulatory authority for Western Australia.


The provider at the centre of the incident said while it regularly checks all spaces children may be able to reach or access, it has since undertaken more regular checks and written to parents in the wake of the incident.

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