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Hosting a whole ECEC staff conference for your team: Is It Worth It? We think so

by Jason Roberts

March 25, 2024
The Bask Awards hit the mark

In the bustling world of early learning centres, where every interaction shapes the minds of tomorrow’s leaders, fostering a positive and cohesive culture is paramount. 


Bask Early Learning, a pioneering provider founded in 2022, has been diligently working on reshaping its culture as part of a comprehensive rebranding effort. 


As the saying goes “you can’t put a price on culture” and recognising its significance, Bask organised a whole staff conference to set the tone for the upcoming year


This conference, attended by educators, chefs, administrative staff, and management alike, served as a platform for fostering unity and alignment within the organisation, while providing an opportunity for the owners to connect with their teams on a deeper level.


The highlight of the conference was the keynote address by Rachael Robertson, whose insights resonated deeply with the Bask community. Ms Robertson’s expertise in team dynamics and leadership illuminated the path toward cohesive teamwork, emphasizing the importance of avoiding divisive behaviours, referred to as no triangles, and fostering collaboration.


Her anecdotes, including the intriguing “bacon wars,” underscored the significance of clear communication and mutual respect in achieving organisational goals. 


Following the keynote, the afternoon was filled with engaging activities, from a spine-tingling ghost tour through a historic mansion to adrenaline-pumping scavenger hunts and team-building exercises, all designed to reinforce the bonds within the Bask community.


The Bask Awards hit the mark


One of the most poignant moments of the conference was the inaugural Bask Awards night, where the outstanding contributions of team members were celebrated and honoured. 


Five awards, including the Thrive and Grow Award, Curiosity Sparker Award, Excellence Award, Caring Spirit Award, and Inclusivity Champion Award, were presented, recognising individuals who exemplified the core values of Bask Early Learning. 


The atmosphere was electric as achievements from the past year were recounted, instilling a sense of pride and camaraderie among attendees.


Statistics from the conference further underscore its impact and value. With an impressive 70% attendance rate, coupled with overwhelmingly positive feedback, including 100% of attendees expressing their willingness to participate again, the conference proved to be a resounding success. 


Moreover, 96% of attendees reported feeling more confident in understanding and applying the core values of Bask Early Learning, highlighting the tangible benefits of such immersive experiences.


Social interaction and cognitive development – linking to Vygotsky


From a theoretical perspective, the conference aligns seamlessly with the principles espoused by renowned theorists such as Lev Vygotsky, who emphasized the role of social interaction in cognitive development. 


By providing a platform for collective learning and collaboration, the conference facilitated the exchange of ideas and experiences, enriching the professional growth of all participants. 


Additionally, the conference reflects a commitment to excellence in early childhood education, as outlined in the National Quality Framework and National Quality Standards, by prioritizing continuous improvement and professional development.


In conclusion, while organising whole staff conferences may pose logistical and financial challenges for some organisations, the benefits far outweigh the costs for Bask Early Learning. 


Not only did the conference strengthen the bonds within the organisation and reinforce its core values, but it also empowered staff members to embody these values in their daily interactions. 


Moving forward, Bask Early Learning remains committed to making the whole staff conference an annual tradition, recognising its indispensable role in fostering a culture of excellence and innovation in early childhood education.


To see a video of the event please click here.

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