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Provider in Focus – Bask Early Learning 

by Freya Lucas

March 10, 2023

Bask Early Learning is a long day care provider that has three early learning services in Queensland – two in Toowoomba and one in Springwood, Queensland. 


What is the history of Bask Early Learning? 


Bask Early Learning was launched in 2022, a re-branding of services in Toowoomba and Springwood which had previously been under the banner of Charley’s Place


Prior to entering the early learning space Bask owner Jon Moody and his young family spent 15 years in London where he worked in investment banking and insurance before seeking better opportunities and a change of direction in Australia, returning in 2016. 


In 2017 he became involved with Charley’s Place, in partnership with his wife’s extended family, before developing Bask in 2022. 


“The launch of Bask has meant we are able to clarify our intentions and set out our vision for the future – one which is based upon providing the right balance of nurture and knowledge, with everything in its right measure in order to provide an environment where everyone who walks through our doors has the opportunity to grow and thrive,” Mr Moody said.


What is the Bask vision and approach to early learning? 


The approach to children’s learning at Bask is based on building and fostering each child’s individual love for learning, sparking their curiosity to explore and letting their imaginations run wild.


“At Bask we recognise that children need both the embrace of community and room for individuality,” Mr Moody said. 


“They need their curiosity sparked, just as much as they sometimes need a hand to hold,” he continued. 


Programs and learning opportunities at each service are tailored to reflect this approach and the needs and constructs of the local community, as well as providing space and opportunity for children and educators to celebrate their differences and uniqueness. 


Ultimately Bask aims to provide an overall experience whereby everyone at Bask feels nurtured and challenged, safe and at ease leaving them better positioned to reach their potential.


What is Bask’s approach to professional development for educators? 


Bask offers a ‘Thrive@Bask’ program which provides benefits to its team members, one of which is an online professional development platform for all team members, specialist professional development for those taking on additional roles within the service, study leave, and bonuses to support those commencing or continuing their education. 


In addition, Bask team members are supported with other benefits such as $5 a day care for their own children, above award pay, financial advice and support, wellness seminars, and paid leave on team members birthdays. 


Are there any unique aspects to the Bask offer? 


Yes, there are. Mr Moody and his entire management team participate in quarterly ‘Chat n Chill’ sessions, with each member of staff across all services. 


“At these sessions no questions are off the table, reflecting some of our key principles of transparency and respect over harmony without true acceptance or constructive discussion,” Mr Moody explained. 


To learn more about Bask Early Learning please visit the website, here


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