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Victoria’s Teacher Supply and Demand Report released showing growing ECEC demand

by Freya Lucas

March 22, 2024

Victoria has released its annual Teacher Supply and Demand Report which gives a detailed overview of the state’s growing teaching workforce and helps to identify how best to grow and support it in the coming years.


The report forecasts that recent changes by the Victorian Government will have delivered a workforce of more than 112,000 teachers ready to teach at government schools and kindergartens by 2028, an estimate that Minister for Education Ben Carroll said was higher growth than any other state or territory – accounting for more than half the national growth in Australia’s teaching workforce in 2023.


The report found that Victoria’s teaching workforce increased by 3.9 per cent between June 2022 and June 2023, due to continued growth in enrolments and the Government’s suite of initiatives to support the state’s dedicated talented workforce.


Victoria is also having success in attracting and retaining a highly skilled early childhood workforce – investing more than $370 million to deliver over 4,000 teaching scholarships and providing support to almost 1,700 diploma qualified educators to become early childhood teachers.


In the schools space the investments include $93.2 million for 8,000 new scholarships for students undertaking secondary school teaching degrees – which has already led to a 9 per cent increase in university offers for teaching courses in 2024.


The Government has also invested $32.2 million for paid student teacher placements, paid placements for 1,200 postgraduates in secondary schools, and $95.7 million to expand supports for early career and returning teachers.


Access the report in full here

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