Kidsoft Elevates Childcare Management with Konnect
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Kidsoft Elevates Childcare Management with Konnect: A Testament to Innovation

by Jason Roberts

March 19, 2024
Kidsoft Konnect

In a significant move signalling their commitment to innovation, leading childcare software platform Kidsoft has officially launched Konnect, a new suite of solutions designed to extend key functionality into the classroom environment.


“Kidsoft Konnect is a pivotal advancement for us as we aim to provide comprehensive support to our customer community,” said Di Girvin, CEO of Kidsoft. 


“With Konnect, we address the evolving needs of educators and parents alike, underscoring our dedication to innovation and platform evolution.”


Evolution of iCheck-In into Kidsoft Konnect


Kidsoft’s popular iCheckin feature, known for its digital sign in and sign out and roll marking capabilities, serves as the foundation for Konnect. 


“We know how familiar our educators and families are with iCheckin, so it made good sense for us to use this concept as the foundation for Konnect,” Adrian Karzon, Kidsoft’s CTO explained. 


“Through extensive consultation with our customer community we put together a suite of precisely what additional features we could extend into the classroom and then we went to work.”


Expanding Reach into the Classroom


Konnect responds to user feedback by empowering educators to fulfil classroom responsibilities effectively, while providing parents with peace of mind. Alongside improved sign-in/out features, Konnect introduces:


  • Incident Reporting: A brand-new feature to Kidsoft, Konnect offers a comprehensive incident reporting solution.


  • Child Management: Access to vital medical details and emergency contacts at a glance. 


  • Enhanced Security Clearance: Custom checklists for enhanced compliance and peace of mind. 


Innovation is in the Kidsoft DNA


As the initial roadmap for Konnect features is rolled out, the team at Kidsoft remains focused on evolving the Kidsoft platform via user-led innovation. 


“Our ethos revolves around customer-centric innovation, and we’re dedicated to delivering exceptional solutions that empower the early childhood education community,” Ms Girvin said. 


“Our commitment to listening and innovating is part of our DNA and we plan to continue delivering on these core principles moving forward.”

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