New program will speed up NSW preschool builds
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Manufacturing for Schools program will result in speedier preschool builds

by Freya Lucas

March 01, 2024

An innovative program in New South Wales will employ modern methods of construction to deliver high quality, sustainable preschools and schools in a shorter time frame. 


The Manufacturing for Schools program incorporates a range of cutting-edge construction techniques including digital technologies, off-site manufacturing and on-site assembly of prefabricated elements to deliver high quality educational buildings faster and at a lower cost than with traditional construction methods.


The program brings together industry professionals via a Manufacturing Partner responsible for connecting the supply chain to deliver the ‘kit of parts’ for new and upgraded educational buildings across the state’s growth areas. A contract has been awarded to The APP Group for the manufacturing partnership.


The Manufacturing for Schools program is expected to deliver cost savings of up to 20 per cent and slash construction time by up to 30 per cent.


“The Manufacturing for Schools program represents the future – a major shift in our approach to designing, building, and delivering new schools and facilities for students and families in NSW,” Deputy Premier and Minister for Education and Early Learning Prue Car said.


“In challenging times like natural disasters, the program’s speed and efficiency will ensure a swift rebuilding process, allowing us to reinstate the schooling routine for affected students and families promptly,” she added.


The program is also being used to deliver the majority of 100 public preschools across NSW at locations recently announced, and has been deployed to rebuild schools on the North Coast that were devastated by floods.


In addition to faster build times and reduced costs, the new program will reduce carbon emissions, material waste and water waste on sites in comparison with traditional construction methods.


Learn more about the program here

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