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Tasmanian Labor Party makes strong commitment to ECEC ahead of election

by Freya Lucas

February 21, 2024

The Tasmanian Labor Party has made a strong commitment to early childhood education and care (ECEC) ahead of the general election to be held 23 March 2024. 


The Tasmanian Labor Party has pledged to establish additional ECEC services across the state, including 30 new early childhood centres near schools, offices and transport terminals via a 75 million capital fund with an open and competitive process for tenders. 


Should the new services go ahead, an additional 4,500 places  would be created. Five of the 30 centres will be run as a trial directly by the Government in hard-to-staff school areas, embedding early childhood into the school system. 


The outside school hours care (OSHC) sector would also receive a boost under Labor’s plan, with the creation or expansion of OSHC services in 20 locations around Tasmania through grants of $90,000 grants.


“Tasmania has the lowest average time in care in the nation, across every category of care, as well as the lowest workforce participation rate for men and women,” Labor Party leader Rebecca White said. 


“Almost all of Tasmania has no adequate childcare coverage, especially in the north and northwest. Tasmanian parents simply can’t get the childcare they need, when they need it.”

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