$6,000 grants to help boost Bush Kinder
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One off grants to help 150 Victorian Kinders to embrace Bush Kinder

by Freya Lucas

February 16, 2024

150 kindergartens in Victoria will benefit from one off grants of $6,000 to offer Bush Kinder programs in 2024. 


Bush kinder programs are delivered outdoors at places including parks, bushland and beaches – giving children a unique opportunity and freedom to learn through play with natural materials in the great outdoors.


As well as being novel and engaging experiences for children, bush kinder programs have a significant positive impact on a child’s development, as well as on their physical and mental health and wellbeing.


The $6,000 grants will help kindergartens buy the equipment they need to run programs that focus on getting outside, playing with natural materials, and learning through activities such as climbing trees and watching wildlife.


Kindergartens without access to a suitable off-site location can use their grant funding to enhance the biodiversity of their existing outdoor environment. 


The Victorian Government is investing $3.6 million over four years to expand bush kinder programs in up to 600 kindergarten services across Victoria.


The 2024 expansion will see new bush kinder programs established in 52 local government areas, including 25 regional locations. Of the 150 kinders receiving one-off grants, 100 are in Melbourne.


Applications for the 2025 round of another 150 bush kinder grants will open in the second half of 2024. To find out which kindergartens are receiving a bush kinder grant please see here

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