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Temora Library offers intergenerational preschool experience for locals

by Freya Lucas

November 09, 2023

Temora Library has established an intergenerational program which runs every three weeks, connecting children from A Dragon’s Tale Early Education Centre with residents of Greenstone Lodge.


“We were a bit concerned when we kicked off in that first week that it might be a bit hectic, but the kids were super well behaved and we had a heap of comments from the little ones, saying that they can’t wait to go back again,” Temora librarian Wendy Manning shared with local news source Region Riverena. 


The elderly participants also enjoy the playgroup, with one man describing the experience as “out of this world”.


Ms Manning said the program was funded through a grant from National Backyard Cricket which supports regional youth and libraries, and was something the library had been keen to trial for some time.


One of the part time library staff members also holds qualifications in early childhood, and bought the idea to the team, saying it was something she had wanted to try for years, but didn’t know where to start. 


“When the funding opportunity came up, we applied to National Backyard Cricket and they gave us the money to cover the buses to get the kids to and from the lodge,” Ms Manning said. 


As well as growing connections, the program aims to enhance social skills and fine and gross motor skills, with children and the residents playing games, reading and sharing stories.


“We pair the children up every three weeks with the same partner and run through a set routine of activities,” Ms Manning explained.


“We start off with a name game so that everybody can get to learn people’s names and we have a session based around sports where we’ll get them to keep balloons up in the air or things like beanbag tossing and footy in the bucket.”


The end of the program always includes a reading session with books from the library.


“Obviously funding is limited and the main expense is just the transport, but we’re hoping to continue the program through next year and hopefully another round of funding will have reopened by then,” Ms Manning said. 


Learn more about Temora Library here. For further insights about the value of intergenerational programs, see here.


The original coverage of this story is available here.  

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