Green Leaves Parkwood commended for sustainable efforts
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Green Leaves Parkwood commended for sustainability efforts in Switch On Awards

by Freya Lucas

October 11, 2023

Early childhood education and care (ECEC) provider Green Leaves Parkwood was recently awarded a Certificate of Commendation for their achievements in sustainability as part of the 2023 Switch On Business Awards. 


The awards recognise businesses in the City of Canning (Western Australia) that make efforts in environmental sustainability that go above the expected standard.


Families submitted nominations to the awards in relation to the “amazing things” being done in the service, and the way that sustainability is embedded into their daily practices and operations.


The educators at Green Leaves Parkwood have been embedding sustainable practices in children’s daily learning journeys. Guided by the centre’s Sustainability Champion, the children take part in a variety of activities that demonstrate their love and care for the natural environment.


The curriculum has a strong focus on sustainability. Educators believe that developing an environmental awareness at an early age helps instill an appreciation and respect for natural resources.


Children tend to the centre’s edible garden and worm farm, where they harvest herbs and ‘worm tea’ to share with families. The centre also has a freshwater aquarium, which is teeming with fish and plants. In line with the sustainable practices of the service, there is a focus on reducing and reusing where possible. During the scheduled cleaning of the aquarium the old water is re-used to nourish the plants because it’s rich in friendly bacteria and nutrients.


One of the children’s favourite sustainable activities was learning about the frog lifecycle, where they raised tadpoles and released them into the wild at Canning Weir. During the event, the children spotted a snake slithering into the river, and it sparked further discussions and inspired the children to create a collage of a snake with hundreds of bottle caps donated by families. Once the artwork was completed, the children presented it to the Canning Weir Eco Library. The leftover bottle caps were donated to the Prosthetic Limb Service, where they repurpose the plastic to manufacture prosthetics.


Educators are conscious of working in partnership with the children, their families, and local communities to create change within and outside the centre. Whether it’s visiting the local library to tap into its extensive literary resources, unearthing hidden gems at ReMida for art projects, making their own paper, or starting a food drive for those who are experiencing hardship and homelessness. Together, there are opportunities to collaborate in their commitment to care for the environment.


Award entries were reviewed by members of the South East Regional Energy Group (SEREG), which comprises a small team of passionate professionals with skills and experience in sustainability, community engagement, business management, and science.


Learn more about the awards here. For information about Green Leaves Parkwood, please see here. 

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