Kangarootime shines in CCMS survey as users signal support
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Kangarootime shines in CCMS survey as users signal strong support for the platform

by Jason Roberts

September 12, 2023
Kangarootime CCMS

Kangarootime, the fast growing childcare management system, has bolstered its credentials as a leading player in the Australian early learning sector with a particularly strong showing in its first appearance in The Sector’s bi-annual CCMS user survey. 


The CCMS user survey is produced by The Sector every two years, and asks CCMS users from across the early learning sector to provide feedback on their CCMS platform experience and whether they would recommend the service to a fellow ECEC colleague. 


“The strength of Kangarootime’s survey results really was terrific,” Jason Roberts, founder and CEO of Sector Publishing said.


“There is a distinct freshness to Kangarootime’s offer which clearly resonates with those who use the platform, with support and reliability called out as key features that were particularly favoured.”


“Building a successful CCMS platform community takes time but there is no doubt that Kangarootime has built a tremendous foundation to keep growing and delivering on their promises.”


Support and reliability strengths at core of Kangarootime success


Prior to The Sector CCMS survey Kangarootime had already carved out a strong reputation in the support and reliability space. 


The Kangarootime customer support team is made up of ECEC sector professionals with years of experience working with and for CCMS platforms and thus there is no user question, no user challenge and no user issue that the team have not already addressed at some points in their careers. 


In addition, the next generation tech that sits behind the Kangarootime system is the definition of stability and reliability when it comes to software services. 


“We have been very deliberate as to how to build our team and our tech,” Sharyn Fewster, Kangarootime Managing Director said. 


“At every opportunity we try to put ourselves in a centre manager’s position and answer questions as to what to do next based on their answers. That is the essence of customer centricity and why we are doing so well in the eyes of our user community.”


Kangarootime three year strategic objective is to broaden and deepen user community


Kanagarootime, which is part of a global network of CCMS platforms, has drawn up a five year strategic plan that defines a clear roadmap to success in Australia and acts as a source of inspiration and commitment for the team responsible for delivering on it. 


“We have been very clear about our ambitions to redraw the lines as to what ‘good’ looks like in the CCMS space,” Ms Fewster said. 


“We have built a team, a platform and a culture that is single mindedly focused on delivering on our objectives and in so doing ensuring that everybody who uses Kanagarootome in Australia reaps the benefits of our experience, capability and ambition.”


Over the coming months and years Kangaroo Time will continue to invest in its Australian team and leverage its global network to ensure cutting edge tech is deployed to all current and future Kangarootime users. 


As John Bairstow, now Chairman of Sparrow Early Learning, recently said, “they treat us like a partner and help explore solutions that will assist us in growth and effectiveness,” a testament to the Kangarootime way. 


A final call to action – “Don’t be afraid to switch – we’ve got your back!”


As Ms Fewster quite rightly pointed out in a recent discussion with the leadership at The Sector many early learning providers across Australia are ready for a CCMS platform change but the perceived fear of disruption that a change may cause can lead to inaction on their part. 


“We know just how central and important CCMS platforms are to centre leaders and business owners across the country,” Ms Fewster said. 


“They are the backbone of a services administration function and touch all areas of the organisation from parents, to team members and of course the Government.”


Thats why Kanagrootime have invested so much time and effort in creating transition roadmaps for services that do decide to make a change that are anchored in educating, planning and implementing excellence. 


As Mr Bairstow recently noted, “to say the transition experience was seamless would be pretty close to the mark,” a comment that sums up the Kangarootime way and signals that changing platforms doesnt have to be a challenge, it can instead be an opportunity. 


To learn more about Kangarootime or arrange a demo please click here

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