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Kangarootime emerging as best in class CCMS provider just over a year after launch

by Jason Roberts

March 14, 2022

Kangarootime, the child care management system (CCMS) that launched in late 2020, has sustained its strong momentum with a host of new customers including  large, medium and small providers keen to experience and partner with the state of the art platform. 


“It has been fifteen months since we officially launched Kangarootime in Australia and over that time we have seen our customer base more than triple with a number of important providers like Sparrow Early Learning joining our community,” CEO Scott Wayman said.


“By adopting a unique and targeted model of customer engagement via our Luminary Partners scheme, combining it with a development capability that is technically very strong and a corporate culture that is values led, we have created a first class experience for our customers that is proving very difficult to match.”


“We believe very strongly that a culture centred around kindness, integrity, inclusiveness and gratitude, has been the key to our success and we are relentless in our pursuit of meaningful relationships to help create beautiful software experiences for the ECEC community.”


Sparrow Early Learning, an early adopter, signals real satisfaction with Kangarootime 


Brisbane headquartered Sparrow Early Learning, which as at the end of 2021 had a network of 60 services across Australia, was one of Kanagarootime’s first large customers having committed to the group as an early adopter. 


Since partnering with Kangarootime, the team at Sparrow have worked closely with Kangarootime to share, not just what they expect out of a CCMS partner, but also what problems they encounter on a day to day basis that have historically been a challenge for other providers to solve. 


“One of the most notable aspects of our relationship with Kangarootime is their willingness to listen very carefully to our organisations unique needs and challenges and then work towards creating practical and intuitive solutions that are incorporated into the platform,” John Bairstow, CEO of Sparrow Early Learning said. 


“In addition, the implementation and onboarding journey we have experienced has been superb. It is not easy to migrate sixty services from one system to another but Kanagarootime’s hands on “white glove” approach plus their sophisticated migration tools saw our data migrate seamlessly.”


“Kanagarootime has proven to be an exemplary partner for us at Sparrow and without a doubt is shaping up to be a core part of our overall success as ECEC providers.”


Problem solving on behalf of customers core part of Kangarootime’s DNA


As an organisation that boasts an extensive development team, Kangarootime has invested heavily in ensuring that their technical capabilities and the development team behind them are best in class.


“We are so proud of our development team which has a lean towards developers who have reputable and extensive CCMS experience – the team today consists of over 200 years in collective CCMS experience – and is led by the sector’s leading product manager, Nick Roots” said Sharyn Fewster, Managing Director of Kangarootime Australia said. 


“Nick brings with him unmatched experience of CCMS software, a deep understanding of the ECEC sector and a strong commitment to customer service and satisfaction.”


“His contribution to Kangarootime has been significant having developed a program designed for our customers, by our customers. That’s something pretty amazing.” 


Examples of this customer led design include a number of new features that are receiving considerable interest from the wider ECEC community including a new Inclusion Support module and an updated Queensland Kindergarten Funding Scheme (QKFS) enrolment, tracking, submission and payment feature. 


“We have made huge progress and feel strongly that the Kangarootime platform will continue to go from strength to strength. It’s an exciting time for us as we look to support the sector in the months and years ahead.”


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