KindiCare launches new App for ECEC providers to help manage listings and enquiry flow
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KindiCare launches new App for ECEC providers to help manage listings and enquiry flow

by Jason Roberts

May 27, 2022

Childcare search and comparison platform KindiCare has launched its new marketplace portal and app for approved providers as it continues to deliver on its promise to simplify the early learning search journey for providers as well as parents. 


The KindiCare CRM app, which is now available for download from leading app stores, is connected directly to the KindiCare App and recently launched KindiCare Childcare Comparison website and will offer providers with a convenient, practical and intuitive means to manage content and respond to enquiries while on the go. 


KindiCare Founder and CEO Benjamin Balk said that in just 12 months he had succeeded in his goal to simplify the early learning search journey for both families and providers.


“Our team pulled a lot of all-nighters to meet our first birthday deadline but delivering on time, as promised, is one of the differentiators that sets KindiCare apart in a highly competitive marketplace.”


“It’s hard to believe that in just one year we have ticked off so many milestones. We began this time last year with the KindiCare App to simplify the search for families and now providers will have the full benefit of our data and platform based solutions that deliver a superior customer experience for both sides of the marketplace.”


New KindiCare CRM app built with ECEC providers front of mind


Given the current operating environment the early childhood education and care (ECEC) sector finds itself in, the KindiCare CRM app was built to support approved providers ,more efficiently manage enquiry flow generated from the KindiCare marketplace. 


“These are challenging times for the ECEC sector and we know that operators both large and small are in desperate need of innovative tools that will help them to improve productivity, increase occupancy and at the same time build trust amongst families in their communities,” Mr Balk said.


“The KindiCare CRM app will definitely help in these key areas and when positioned next to our award winning search and compare marketplace app we feel operators will have the edge that they need to succeed in the current highly competitive operating environment.”

The new KindiCare CRM App is connected directly to the KindiCare App and the recently launched next generation childcare comparison website ensuring a seamless experience for providers and includes the following range of key features:


Dashboard – Displays a summary of the centre portfolio including the volume and value of enrolment applications, enquiry response time and unanswered messages from families.


Centre Listing Management – Directly edit and update all of a centre’s details that appear on the KindiCare search and compare marketplace. 


Inquiries – Chat directly with parents the moment they make an enrolment enquiry instantly and securely at any time. 


Applications – Manage the pipeline of applications from the KindiCare Marketplace, including details of who has applied, with automatic notification when an enrolment stage is updated. 


Mailbox – Communicate securely 24/7 with parents and guardians in relation to any enquiries or applications, with a history of contacts retained to provide a full audit trail. 


Notifications – Smart notifications alert whenever a family makes a new enquiry or application so an enrolment opportunity is never missed.


Contacts – Easy access to the contact details of any parent or guardian who has made an enquiry or application with a centre at any time enabling contact with just one tap. 


“Building trust with families is central to converting enquiry to enrolment and the first moment of contact is critically important. That means responding quickly and establishing a friendly rapport that is made easier using the App,” Mr Balk explained.


“Instant notifications will come directly to your mobile device so you can start a conversation with the parent immediately, whether by talk or text, so no more emails, no more lost enrolment opportunities and full transparency to understand the customer journey and interaction with your business.”


“We are very excited about our new product and look forward to working with the sector to support them going forward.”

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