MindChamps broadens Australian franchise network with 15 new locations added
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MindChamps broadens Australian franchise network with 15 new locations added

by Jason Roberts

May 13, 2022

Multinational early childhood education and care (ECEC) provider MindChamps Preschool Ltd (MindChamps) has announced it has added 15 new franchise locations to its Australian network. The Group also confirmed two new workforce facing initiatives to support professional learning and child care affordability across its networks during the announcement. 


“We are thrilled to welcome the latest group of franchisees to MindChamps in Australia,” MindChamps Founder, CEO and Executive Chairman David Chiem said.

“With the addition of these 15 new sites our overall network size will grow substantially,” 


Mr Chiem shared that his ultimate goal for MindChamps is to create “a global gold standard for early learning but right from the beginning, I knew if we wanted to create a global early education movement, there was no way we could do it all ourselves.”


“To reach as many families as possible, we need passionate people who understand what we are trying to achieve and believe in our vision and education model. That is where the idea of the franchise model came from and we are proud to see it continue to grow as fast as it has.” 


The MindChamps Australia network will reach 36 centres once the new centres are complete and the new franchisees are onboarded. Each centre will be 100 per cent owned by the franchisee with MindChamps providing full support in systems, processes, and educator training to successfully implement its early education model.


MindChamps maintains high standards of education and care at its centres via global quality control protocols that see regular audits conducted to ensure compliance, not only with local regulatory requirements, but also the providers own Champion Gold Standards that focus on excellence within three distinct pillars: quality of teaching and learning, quality of care, and the quality of leadership at all levels. 


MindChamps offers $150k scholarships and extends 75% childcare discount to educators 


In addition, MindChamps has confirmed that it has launched a new scholarship program to encourage educators to enroll in Certificate III or Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care courses. 


“Early educators have a profound and lifelong impact on the lives of the children they teach. These scholarships will be instrumental in further developing and upskilling educators and will also be a core part of supporting our goal to lift standards in the Australian early learning sector,” Mr Chiem explained.


As a further commitment to supporting educators across the network, MindChamps also confirmed that it has increased the discount on gap fees from 30 per cent to 75 per cent for all its educators. 


The increased subsidy will remain in place long-term across Australian MindChamps centres.


“We know that our educators are the most important people. Along with many other initiatives, we want to show our deep appreciation by providing a 75 per cent subsidy at a time when the cost of living is rapidly rising,” Mr Chiem said. 


The increased subsidy will also allow educators to enroll their children in their own centre, giving them “complete peace of mind” and allowing them to experience the MindChamps education model first hand, he added. 


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