New ECEC service on the way for Kingston regardless of election outcome

New ECEC service on the way for Kingston regardless of election outcome

by Freya Lucas

May 12, 2022

Both major political parties have agreed to fund a new early childhood education and care (ECEC) service in Kingston, a town in the south east of South Australia. 


Local nurse Kirsty Starling has been advocating for five years for a new ECEC service with demand for ECEC services in the region not being met. 


The Kingston Early Learning & Childcare Services Working Group was established in 2017, chaired by Ms Starling and supported by Kingston District Council in response to the demand, and after she was unable to secure care to allow her to return to her nursing role. 


Earlier this month, Federal Member for Barker and Liberal candidate Tony Pasin committed $1.8 million to a future centre if the Liberal Government is returned on 21 May. Shortly afterwards the Australian Labor Party confirmed it would also commit $1.8 million should it be elected. 


Speaking with local publication The Border Watch Ms Starling said the team is excited progress has been made, describing the addition of an ECEC service as “lifesaving”.


“For everyone to have equal access to a service everyone in urban areas do, the value of that is immeasurable,” she said. 


In response to the commitment by both parties the working group will now begin advocating for the State Government to move the current kindergarten into the new centre.


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