City of Kingston prepares for preschooler peak with community consultation
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City of Kingston prepares for preschooler peak with community consultation

by Freya Lucas

September 29, 2021

Victoria’s City of Kingston is planning for an influx of preschoolers in the next 15 years, with projections showing that Highett, Moorabbin and Cheltenham are predicted to have a 54 per cent increase in children aged birth to four years of age in that time span.


Access to funded three-year-old kindergarten is expanding, and more children will be enrolled in preschool programs, which will need to cater for the growing communities. 


As such, the Council is seeking to learn more about the needs, wants and preferences of those who will use and staff sessional kindergarten services in Highett, Moorabbin and Cheltenham including:


  • where new kinder services should be located;
  • what kindergarten facilities should look and feel like; and,
  • what other early childhood services families would like to use nearby.


“Whilst we are focusing on kindergarten provision in the Highett, Moorabbin and Cheltenham area, we would like to hear from the whole community,” a spokesperson said.


“Importantly, we want to hear from children and understand their values and needs for a kindergarten environment. We are asking parents of children aged birth to eight years of age to complete a simple creative activity with your child so their views can be included.”


There are a number of ways that interested parties can contribute, including: 


  • Complete the online survey
  • Attend an online kindergarten readiness workshop with early childhood education expert Rachel Flottman
  • Complete the children’s artwork activity
  • Complete a children’s interview 
  • Complete a photo walk activity 
  • Register for an online stakeholder workshop (early education service providers and allied health professionals)
  • Email [email protected]


Feedback gathered throughout the consultation process will support the Council to plan for future kindergarten and early years services that reflect the communities values and priorities.


Further information is available on the Council’s website, here

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