OWNA launches new customisable learning documentation feature across platform
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OWNA launches new customisable learning documentation feature across platform

by Jason Roberts

December 20, 2021

OWNA, the all-in-one child care management software provider, has confirmed that after an extensive period of development they have launched a fully customisable learning documentation feature in a bid to provide educators with maximum flexibility and ease of use for portfolio creation. 


“We are really excited to be able to announce the launch of our new customisable learning documentation suite. As an organisation we are absolutely committed to continually upgrading and evolving our platform and this is a really good example of that process in action,” Kheang Ly, Founder and CEO said.


“The feature is the result of an extensive period of consultation with educators and subject matter experts who were able to share the limitations and pain points of hard coded portfolio templates and convey precisely what features a dynamic, customisable template should have.”


“We feel strongly that this new enhancement is going to not only save educational leaders and educators a great deal of time and materially improve their ability to document observations and learning stories but also provide a better experience for families engaging with our Apps.”


In house ECT gives OWNA the inside track to ensure end product is fit for purpose 


Jennfer Constable, an OWNA team member who is also an early childhood teacher with over ten years experience working and managing in early learning settings, has been a key voice in the design of the new customisable templates. 


“Having worked in the early childhood education and care sector for so long I have come to understand the limitations of hard coded portfolio and documentation software very well,” Jennifer said. 


“So to be given the opportunity to collaborate so closely with our user community and in-house developers to build something that is really cutting edge has been a terrific experience.”


“The new templates are so much easier to use, enable leaders and educators to fully customise their forms and also, perhaps most importantly, have enhanced reporting smarts that provide real data insights as to what is being delivered, observed and recorded every day,” she added.


New module addresses pain points and ensures easier documentation journey 


OWNA’s new learning documentation module addresses the most common pain points experienced by educators when using hard coded templates such as:


  • No differentiation between portfolio types limits use cases for educators
  • Text on labels embedded in portfolios may not be appropriate descriptors for educators
  • Standard fields and form layouts mean their may be boxes not relevant to educators
  • Inability to add new boxes may act as a limitation 
  • Information presented in the App for parents is limited by hard coded templates 


“Our new Learning Documents have been designed to address all of these key issues with  educators now being able to build their own customised templates using a drag and drop system with a wide range of boxes and shapes available combined with the capacity to add preferred descriptions for headings and titles in each subsection of the document,” Kheang said. 


“And importantly educators are now able to separate individual children’s learning documents from any group made of multiple children enabling educators to more effectively add values or comments from a learning framework perspective to the children themselves and share their own templates freely across the wider OWNA educator community network.”


“As an organisation we are single mindedly focussed on the user experience and are prepared to always revisit and upgrade our features accordingly. This new and improved learning documentation system is a testimony to that and we are excited and proud to now be able to offer it as part of our OWNA platform,” Kheang added. 


To learn more about OWNA’s new Learning Documentation feature please click here


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