VBreathe’s Tasman air purifier embraced by ECEC providers wanting to address indoor air quality
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VBreathe’s Tasman air purifier embraced by ECEC providers wanting to address indoor air quality

by Jason Roberts

March 29, 2022

VBreathe Tasman, a revolutionary air purifier and detoxifier, is fast becoming a fixture in ECEC services across the country.


“After hearing about VBreathe Tasman and looking into the product, we could see that the air purifier had some great reviews and had won a number of awards,” Fiona Black, Owner of Koala Child Care Centre said. 


“We are a well-established centre that has been open for just over 30 years. Our children and staff are of utmost importance to us and we wanted to be proactive about how we can prevent illness as much as we can and protect everyone in the centre.”


“The VActive Gel that VBreathe Tasman uses to reduce the amount of harmful indoor microbes circulating in the air helps us to achieve this objective and as it is also made from natural Australian essential oils in Australia the decision was that much easier.” 


“I can say hand on heart that the VBreathe Tasman is an excellent system. Staff tell me all the time that when they walk into a room to put a child/children to sleep they feel a sense of safety knowing the machines are doing their job and that the air feels cleaner to breathe.”


“So far, our experience has been 5 star, we look forward to continuing our relationship with VBreathe.”


ECEC providers positive experience reinforced by science and innovation   


The VBreathe Tasman, which has been designed, developed and assembled in Australia, has been validated by research completed independently by a number of International and Australian universities and laboratories. 


“Most air purifiers rely on HEPA filters alone, they can only filter the air that passes through the device,” Dr Amanda Hayes, Head of Scientific Research at VBreathe said. 


“VBreathe not only uses medical-grade HEPA filtration, but in addition, it uses our all-natural VActive Gel that spreads throughout the entire room dispersing vapour into the air to reduce airborne bacteria, mould and allergens.”


“Therein lies the power of the VBreathe Tasman and why our customers across the ECEC space are really embracing it. The system is compact, effective and improves the air quality for children, educators and families entering the centre. ”


VBreathe commitment to ECEC inspired by the importance of improving air quality


As the colder months approach and experts raise increasing concerns about Australia’s influenza hiatus coming to an end, as well as the ongoing challenges posed by COVID-19, the team at VBreathe remain 100 per cent committed to supporting the ECEC sector as best they can. 


“We have worked incredibly hard to build a product that is simple to use, scientifically proven and an all-natural solution that helps to mitigate health and safety concerns associated with airborne pathogens, such as mould, circulating in centres,” Alex Saad, General Manager, Sales and Business Development of VBreathe said.


“Given the historic and ongoing challenges faced by the ECEC sector due to COVID-19 and the potentially challenging winter ahead of us it is very important that we raise the profile of the VBreathe Tasman and support the sector in every way we can.”


“Protecting children whilst they learn, play and sleep is at the heart of what the VBreathe Tasman was built for and we are very happy to be playing an important role in sustaining that going forward.”


To learn more about VBreathe and the VBreathe Tasman, please click here

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