VBreathe breaks new ground with Tasman air purifier perfect for ECEC environments as COVID challenges persist
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VBreathe breaks new ground with Tasman air purifier perfect for ECEC environments as COVID challenges persist

by Jason Roberts

January 25, 2022

VBreathe Tasman, a revolutionary new air purifier and detoxifier has been described as the “ultimate weapon against harmful airborne pathogens including bacteria and mould” that combines a traditional, filtration-based purifying system with next generation gel vapour technology. 


“After five years development we are thrilled to be in a position to offer the early childhood education and care (ECEC) community a simple to use, scientifically proven and all-natural solution that will help mitigate health and safety concerns associated with airborne pathogens, such as mould, circulating in centres,” Alex Saad, General Manager, Sales and Business Development of VBreathe said. 


“As concerns around air quality continue to build, we have been inundated with enquiries if our solution has a use case in confined spaces such as ECEC environments and are pleased to confirm that the answer is most definitely a yes.”


“We stand by ready to meet any requests for help at this challenging time.”


VActive gel detoxifying technology at the heart of purifier and detoxifier success


VBreathe Tasman stands out from other purifiers as unlike many systems currently available on the market, it combines two highly effective technologies within a single product to radically improve indoor air quality. 


Firstly, a medical grade HEPA filtration unit which removes small particles from contaminated air that is captured by the filter from the surrounding environment and then purified and secondly, a detoxifying gel system that is dispersed into the air with tiny natural compounds that once expelled into the environment deactivates airborne pathogens. 




“It is the unique combination of a HEPA filter and gel technologies that makes the VBreathe Tasman use case so strong in the current environment,” Mr Saad said. 


“Most purifiers rely only on passive air filtration passing through a device to be cleaned. VBreathe’s technology doesn’t just purify the air of pathogens that pass through the actual filter, it actually triggers an ongoing process of detoxification that occurs outside of the unit which is particularly effective against airborne pathogens.”


Effectiveness backed up by extensive testing across multiple laboratories


Given how important it is to ensure credibility and trust across its user community, VBreathe has worked hard to partner with leading testing laboratories around the world to ensure that its product continues to be fit for purpose and meet customers needs. 


One such important study was conducted by global laboratory testing company Eurofins, which has 18 labs around Australia, and found that the VBreathe Tasman was capable of reducing a surrogate strand of the coronavirus with 99.9 per cent efficiency after two hours of usage, thanks to its VActive detoxifying gel.


Independent testing conducted during a University of Sydney study also found that the VBreathe Tasman reduced mould counts by 88 per cent within 24 hours and 95 per cent reduction after three days and finally an independent Bell Laboratories study found that within 60 minutes, concentration of 1 Micron and 2.5 Micron particles were reduced by 97 per cent and 96 per cent respectively.


“Whether it be airborne pathogens or other allergens such as mould, VBreathe Tasman has been found effective in study after study and reinforces our mission of improving lives, one breath at a time.”


“We know it works. We know we can improve health and safety outcomes for communities such as the ECEC sector, and will continue to work hard to achieve our vision of improving indoor air quality for everyone, everyone at this important time.”


To learn more about how the VBreathe Tasman can support health and safety outcomes in your service please see here

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