OWNA looks to upskill ECEC CCS knowledge with new “Mastering CCS” course
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OWNA looks to upskill ECEC CCS knowledge with new “Mastering CCS” course

by Jason Roberts

November 24, 2021

OWNA, the all-in-one child care management software provider, will enter the professional learning space with the launch of a new course specifically designed to help approved providers and their centre based leaders ensure that they are completely across their responsibilities and obligations when it comes to the Child Care Subsidy and its many nuances and complexities. 


The course,  Mastering the Child Care Subsidy (CCS) will pool all of OWNA’s collective experience and knowledge on this core area of service management into a set of seven intuitive and practical modules. 


“As one of the early childhood education and care sector’s leading child care management software providers we engage with service leaders looking for guidance on different aspects of the CCS day in and day out,” Kheang Ly, Founder and CEO said.


“The insights we have gathered along the way have proven very valuable and not only enabled us to continually improve and adapt our system but also provided us with the realisation that we can help support the sector more broadly by capturing these learnings and sharing them.”


Mastering the Child Care Subsidy (CCS), he continued, will do just that. It will provide a complete suite of CCS focused modules that on completion will guarantee participating students a strong understanding of the system and earn them a certificate of completion.


“We hope to see our course become the benchmark when it comes to CCS professional learning with the content and course materials setting a new standard for business management related support in the sector,” Mr Ly added.


Course design consists of seven topics delivered by via seven online modules 


Mastering the Child Care Subsidy (CCS) will seek to cover all aspects of CCS usage and includes the following seven modules that will be available in online webinar form:


  1. What Is CCS? – A primer on what the CCS consists of and how it is provided, with a special focus on eligibility, entitlements, caps and withholding of payment.


  1. Key Things to Know When Setting Up Your Service –  A summary of key aspects of understanding the CCS System with emphasis on the Provider Entry Point, PRODA, the software providers and billing methods.


  1. Administering CCS – A walk through the process of actually administering CCS including enrolment process, special arrangements, amending enrolments and enrolment status.


  1. Managing & Reporting Sessions of Care – A guide to how to manage and report sessions of care including explanations of what is a session of care, reporting them, absences and other matters.


  1. How CCS Is Paid – An examination of how CCS is paid, to whom, and when, focusing on entitlements, payments, statement of entitlements and end of financial year  reconciliations.


  1. Record Keeping & Notifications – An explainer as to why records need to be kept and and how long for and when and why services need to notify the department of certain changes.


  1. Best Practices – A list of key insights that ensure that services are able to ensure CCS subsidies are received as expected and tips to help navigate the system in a  timely and effective manner. 


The course will also come with a set of high quality course materials including presentation slides and additional documentations in the form of easily downloadable and storable PDF’s. 


Students who successfully complete the course and are successful in the end of course assessment will receive a certificate of completion that can be used to demonstrate to current and prospective employers competence in managing CCS. 


“This course has been many months in the making and we are super excited to be so close to launching it,” Mr Ly said. 


“At last the ECEC sector will have a means to ensure a base level of CCS skills in their organisations which will ultimately mean smoother operations and happier families.”


To learn more about OWNA’s Mastering the Child Care Subsidy (CCS) course please click here

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