Connection between St Agnes Glen Huntly and Pinnacle welcomed by the Church

Connection between St Agnes Glen Huntly and Pinnacle welcomed by the Church

by Freya Lucas

December 10, 2021

An Anglican Church in the Melbourne suburb of Glen Huntly has welcomed a new provider for an adjacent early childhood education and care (ECEC) facility, saying that the new operator is “more willing to work with the Church on projects” 


St Agnes’ Glen Huntly has long shared its premises with a childcare facility, and new operator, Pinnacle Early Learning, is working with the Church to strengthen community partnerships and ensuring shared facilities benefit both parties. 


The ECEC facility was previously operated by what St Agnes’ vicar Reverend Dr Alexander Ross described as “a very large company”. The lease with Pinnacle began in July, and encompasses not only the shared use of facilities but also shared programs, Dr Ross explained. 


St Agnes has undergone what the Reverend describes as “a big process” over the past three years to change operators. As part of the new lease, the church hall has been converted with an extensive renovation. 


He said the childcare’s playground facility had been one of the most useful shared facilities arising from the new agreement, which allows Pinnacle to access the Church’s community garden.


“The church can also use the playground space for kids’ activities on outside hours and the weekend, so there’s a real sense of partnership in it,” he said. 


The childcare center and church joined forces in November to have a community open day, and blessing of the community garden. 


“That was a wonderful day, a beautiful morning,” Dr Ross told The Melbourne Anglican


“It was a symbol of the partnership between the two.” 


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