Pelican Point Preschool named as finalist in Early Childhood Education Awards

Pelican Point Preschool named as finalist in Early Childhood Education Awards

by Freya Lucas

September 22, 2021

Family-owned business Pelican Point Preschool has been a part of the Sanctuary Point community for 21 years, and in 2021 is celebrating a finalist nomination for the Excellence in Early Childhood Education Awards.


The preschool caters for 28 children who are cared for by four permanent educators. Educational leader Kimberlie Johnson explained to local news source South Coast Register that that is what makes the nomination such an honour.


“During these unprecedented times and uncertainty our preschool has been able to continue to operate as per normal providing quality education and care and has continued to focus on everyone’s health and safety,” she told the paper.


“To have their dedication and teaching approaches recognised and rewarded was truly heartfelt,” she added.


The nomination is a first for the preschool, who embrace the 2021 theme of “amazing todays and tomorrows”, highlighting the roles that educators play in stimulating the children of Australia.


“Some of our educators have been at the centre between 16-20 years and to this day continue to be a part of many of our families who have attended over the years with many generations returning with their own children.”


The service philosophies, its program and its learning and teaching approach and future plans were also some aspects in meeting the overall criteria for the nomination.


A special part of its local community, the preschool has strong links with local nursing homes, fundraising for many community events and assisting community efforts as needed, such as food drives and the RSPCA.


The announcement of the Awards will be made during a gala dinner. Due to the current COVID restrictions, the announcement of the winner has been postponed to March 26, 2022, and will be made at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, Sydney.