FDC Awards finalist noticed for her “outdoorsy vibes” and natural connections
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FDC Awards finalist noticed for her “outdoorsy vibes” and natural connections

by Freya Lucas

September 03, 2021

2021 Family Day Care (FDC) Australia Excellence in Family Day Care Awards finalist Heather Walters has combined her studies in conservation biology with her love of working with children to create an FDC service which has seen her receive multiple award nominations in her four years of operation. 


Ms Walters is one of four National Educator Finalists in the awards, something she described as being “really humbling” when speaking with local publication The Advocate


“I’ve got a lot of passion,” she said. “It’s actually really humbling. I sit there and go ‘wow, I must be doing something right.'”


Having recognition for her efforts, she said, was a blessing in the solo world of FDC, something she joined when returning to Australia after a period of time living in Papua New Guinea.


Working with children in Papua New Guinea switched her on to a new career path, one she pursued on returning to Australia. 


“It took some effort but I think it’s because I’ve put so much effort into the environment and set up here that I’ve ended up receiving awards,” she told The Advocate. 


Her FDC facility is set on a large block, giving children the opportunity to explore, get hands on with nature, grow their own vegetables and see bees turn pollen into honey. 


Commenting on Ms Walter’s inclusion as a finalist, Family Day Care Australia CEO Andrew Paterson said it was a pleasure to recognise her talents.


“Educators like Heather provide vital support to children, families and communities all across Australia,” he said. “The flexible, high quality early education provided by educators like Heather is what makes family day care so unique.”


Ms Walters is registered with Coastal Family Day Care. To access the original coverage of this story please see here

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