G8 discounts fees for services impacted by ACT lockdown
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G8 discounts fees for services impacted by ACT lockdown

by Freya Lucas

August 18, 2021

G8 Education, which runs eight services in the ACT and three in Queanbeyan, has decided to give families a 35 per cent discount if they keep their children at home during the lockdown currently imposed to tackle COVID-19, local news source The Canberra Times has reported.


Estelle Hatzis, G8 Education’s Area Manager for the ACT said that many families were grateful for the announcement, one which she said had been “very well received”.


At Symonston Kinder Haven, part of the G8 Education group, attendance was down to about 20-25 per cent last Friday as the stay-at-home orders came in, with many of the children who were in attendance collected earlier than usual. 


Balancing the needs of families with the needs of staff to stay at home if needed, whilst also providing care for their own families is a consideration for the provider, who described the current situation as “a fine balancing act”.


“We keep our doors open to support the people that have to be in essential work, and those vulnerable children,” Mrs Hatzis said.


“This is one of the most serious lockdowns that we’ve had, with these restrictions, and our role is to be able to support the community and their needs and play our part in keeping everybody safe.”


Each service will reach out to children and families this week to support and stay connected, with plans in place to continue programs remotely. 


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